Stretch Your Ears in Four Easy Steps

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        Stretching your ears is safe and pain-free if done correctly. If your follow these few simple instructions you will have healthy stretched ears before you know it. So where do you start? If you have you ear lobes pierced already you are half way towards stretched ears.  Most needle piercings are 14g. If you had your ears pierced at the mall using a gun the earing will be 18g-20g.  If you have not had your ears pierced already you can speed up the process by having your ear lobes pierced with a large gauge needle, sparing you precious time and a considerable amount of money. If your ear lobe is large enough some piercing artist will be able to pierce your ear as large as a 4g. Once you have a healed piercing you are now able to begin stretching. 

Supplies Needed:

one taper made from any material                                                            

plugs made out of glass or stainless steel 

emu oil or jojoba oil

Step One:

Take a long, warm shower.  Clean your piercing using ivory soap thoroughly.

Step Two:

Once you are out of the shower massage the oil into your ears for a minute or two. Take the oil and coat your taper and plug.

Step Three:

Slowly insert the taper into your ear.  If the taper has gone two-thirds of the way into your ear without much discomfort you should be able to make the stretch.  If you experience anything more than minor discomfort do not continue the stretch and wait longer.   You can now push the rest of the way through until you reach the level part of the taper.

Step Four:

Line up the front of your taper with the back of your plug.  Push the taper out of your ear as the plug follows it though finishing your stretch.  You can now put the o-ring on the back of your plug and your done.


If your ear bleeds or tears while trying to strech them you are doing it wrong!  Downsize two gauges immediately to save your ears.

The point of no return where your ears will no longer close up is usually considered 2g.