There are some ways to stretch your travel money and this will depend on how you want to make it go further while enjoying your travel at the same time. It's really wonderful to have an adventure while you're still young and active. 

Experiencing what's really out there is the reason why many people want to travel because it will not only give them knowledge and exposure but also excitement and fun. In order to stretch your hard earned money on your travel, you can begin searching for the cheapest prices of air fares, train tickets, rental cars and hotel accommodation online.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Time to research
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Travel Money in various forms via ATM card, credit card, traveler's cheques and denomination bills
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      Set up a budget. Estimate how much you'll be spending and start separating your travel money from your daily expenses. When you are planning a budget for your travel, you should also include a little for the unexpected expenses in case you might get sick while staying in another country. You should also prevent credit interest by paying cash for any of your trips.

    • 2

      Do your own research. Visit your local library and look for newly published travel books. Inquire from co-workers and friends who have been to the place of your expected destination. 

      Avoid buying expensive travel guides because these are just given for free when you arrive in the place where you are headed. Check online about travel reviews of hotels and food by previous travelers for that particular place. You can learn a lot from these reviews.

    • 3

      Inquire for a hotel discount rate when you plan to stay longer. A good hotel, apartelle or guest house with a rate of $75 can easily get lower up to $40 plus free breakfast when you stay for 2-3 weeks. You can also save some cash if your hotel or guest house will be located in the downtown area where stores are near and you don't have to pay for taxi fares. 

      This can really stretch your travel money and spend your extra cash for something you might want to buy like a souvenir gift from your trip. There are many hotels that offer this kind of deal and all you have to do is research them online.

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      Book a hotel that offer free breakfast. Make sure to eat a heavy breakfast because this is one way where you can effectively stretch your travel money. You can later go to the local grocery store and buy something that you can keep in your hotel fridge and prepare your own lunch. 

      Avoid going to expensive tourist restaurants with menus in several languages. Look for a good restaurant that is highly recommended from the local people where you can eat their daily specials and tasty meals at reasonable prices. Eat foods that are in season too because you're not only eating their fresh produce but also saving your travel money.

    • 5

      Call the local tourism office or chamber of commerce in the place you're going to visit. The people who work in local tourism offices or chamber of commerce are aware of the special offers for hotels, restaurants, food, attractions and entertainment and they will be glad to offer help whenever it's needed especially if you're a tourist.

    • 6

      Bring money in different forms through an ATM card, a credit card, some traveler's checks and denomination bills like $50 and $100 for changing to local currency. Cash is still important in some places because you could get discounts by paying with the local currency. You may also use credit cards with lower foreign exchange rates. 

      Avoid taking your money out of the ATM every single day to avoid a new transaction charge each time you get money from it. Take note that it's difficult to know in advance what the specific exchange rate will be when you withdraw money from an ATM in a foreign country. 

      You'll have to wait for the charge to go through and some ATM's could charge additional fees by the local bank and by your own bank or credit card company unless they have a business relationship with foreign banks and will waive fees at ATM's belonging to those local banks.

    • 7

      Use the local transportation when you're in a foreign country. Be observant of how safe and clean the local transportation that the locals use and if it's good then this is one way of stretching your travel money. Traveling through a public transport like train is a lot cheaper compared to a taxi. 

      There are some countries where train tickets are sold in very convenient places like in the malls or in the airport and and you'll arrive in your destination fast. For example in Europe, their rail system are located in most airports and the trains will bring you to your desired destination within Europe.

Tips & Warnings

  • Book early or you can do the opposite by waiting for last minute deals. Wait for last minute deals because the more flexible you are then the more travel money you can save. Check for package deals like air fares with hotel accommodation a week before you leave.

  • Buy nonrefundable tickets because these are usually the cheapest.

  • Make sure to check ahead of time to learn what traveler's checks or bank cards will be accepted on the country that you're headed to and have a backup plan. There are some things that work better in different places. 

    Take note that once you leave the large cities, you'll have difficulty in exchanging a traveler's check for the local currency and if you have the wrong kind of traveler's check, local merchants might see it as fake and not cash it. There are also some credit card systems outside big cities in other countries that do not accept standard cards used in the US so it's important that you'll have a back-up plan.