Being in an online mastermind group is a great way to be accountable to others on what you are doing with your business.  There are many mastermind groups out there, but the best groups are ones that have structure.  If not, there is no reason to be apart of one as you are wasting you time and energy.  

Knowing what stage your group is in is vital to the group’s growth.  Are you new to internet marketing, already have a product and/or service, or many online businesses and growing?  Pick which one you want to start and then seek out those who are in the same arena.

You can meet these folks at events, on online business blogs, Facebook pages, and through referrals.

Mastermind groups can meet in person or over a free conference calling system.  The group size should be no more than 6 people.  Once you have the members of the group pick a date and time that works best for everyone. 

Structuring each meeting is important to everyone’s success.

  1. Meet once a week for 60-70 minutes.
  2. The first 10 minutes of the meeting allow each member to share a “win” from the previous week.  What happened over the week that made a difference in their business? 
  3. Each week one member will be in the “Hot Seat” for 40 minutes. This is where the appointed member for the week will talk about a specific project that is being working on.  A brief summary of this can be emailed ahead of time to everyone.  After the member has finished sharing it is now time for the group to give feedback. 
  4. At the end of the meeting each member shares the goal(s) they want to achieve by the next session.
  5. Have a place where members can connect with each other through out the week if something arises that might help the entire group.

Being apart of a mastermind group is great, but following these 5 rules to success will help you and everyone soar.