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Want to be a lawyer but don't know where to begin? The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is the most important factor in getting accepted to law schools. Ranging from 120 (worst possible score) to 180 (best possible score), the test relies on a unique skill set that will also be tested in law school and a legal career. Broken down into three sections, 1) logic games, 2) logical reasoning, and 3) reading comprehension, the test is difficult but major improvements can be made. Enough background information, the proven method to score higher on the LSAT is found below. 

1. Practice Through Prep Books

In the beginning, it is important to get your foundation. Look at prep books, Powerscore and Manhattan are known to be two reliable companies for the LSAT. Go through this book from the first page to last and then go on to step 2.

2. Practice Individual Types of Questions

LSAT QuestionIt is best to focus on a type of question all in one sitting and let your brain make connections, rather than jump around from different question types. For example, study all "Cannot Be True" questions for logical reasoning in one day. Do not jump around from "Cannot Be True" to "Must Be True" and "Necessary Assumption" all in one day. Divide and try to master each type of question by itself.

3. Take Practice Tests

After you go through the prep books and practice individual types of questions, then you are ready to take full practice tests with all three sections. In the beginning you can be more lenient on how long it takes you to finish each section, but as you progress and get closer to your test date, speed up and finish in the allotted 35 minutes for each section.

4. Review Your Mistakes

After you finish an LSAT practice test, look at the questions you are unsure about and then try to answer correctly without any time limit. Then after doing this for each question, score your practice test. Review the scoring and go back to each question you got wrong and figure out why you were wrong and why the right answer is right.


By following these four recommendations, you will have direction in your LSAT studying and most likely score higher. Remember, your LSAT score weighs the heaviest on admittance into law schools. So study hard and study a lot.

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