Good pay and greater opportunity for career development is waiting for those that successfully pass the medical assistant certification test. A majority of certification programs last for a year or less and may be attended online as the pupil continues to be employed. Maybe the best facet of medical assistant online courses is, at around 50 percent the price of an associate's degree program, they are relatively cheap.

Is a Medical Assistant Certification Required to Get a Job?

It is still possible to find a job as a medical assistant without holding a certification, but getting certified is a prerequisite for employment with quite a few employers. Earning a certification shows a significant dedication to your job, and shows to a prospective employer that you currently have more than enough training to begin your career going at top speed if you are hired. Registered Medical Assistants and Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) also typically get paid wages that place them near the top of their profession, so there are a lot of added advantages to becoming certified.

Who's Able to Sit for a Medical Assistant Certification Exam?

The primary licensing organizations that oversee medical assistant certification are the NHA, AMT, and American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).The NHA, AAMA, and NHA are organizations that regulate the accreditation for medical assistant certification programs. Despite the fact that exclusively graduates from American Association of Medical Assistants-licensed certification courses can receive the label CMA, the fact is there is almost no distinction between becoming certified by one particular organization or another, and all have similar requirements for being eligible to sit for their particular test.

With regards to actual requirements to sit for a medical assistant certification exam, the majority of programs want candidates to possess five years of applicable employment experience, or alternatively be a graduate of an accredited medical assistant program. In contrast to a popular belief, none of the three previously mentioned bodies expects one to acquire an associate’s degree before taking the exam.

So What is On the Test?

The subject matter covered by certification exams assesses students for their familiarity with clinical and administrative theory, procedures, and terminology. Together with physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, etc., most tests will also include a selection of math and basic skills questions. The standard skills content on the examination is intended to project your overall proficiency as a medical assistant, given that daily responsibilities require their use.

The commercial testing centers that give them administer the timed, multiple-choice exams at individual computer workstations. Applicants are not allowed to bring notes, mobile devices or anything else that can be used as a reference into the examination. This means that, you will have to be relaxed, focused and certain of the material in order to register a passing score in the given period of time.

Getting Yourself Ready for the Examination

While preparing to take the examination, you can find a few sample exams online, or you can stop by the local test facility and grab a study guidebook. To better replicate the testing conditions, you should study in 40-minute increments by attempting to answer sets of 50 questions to the very best of your ability. Most individuals who study this way find the testing surroundings and pace at which the test is given to be very easy to adapt to, and usually score well consequently.