Test Bubble SheetNow that students are back in school, many will find that they suffer from test anxiety in various forms and at varying levels. This can be caused by having poor study skills and study habits. With study help and a few study tips, student frustration and dread can be greatly reduced while at the same time increasing their chances of mastering the information on tests by taking some simple, but effective steps. Students learn in many different ways and finding the right method for the individuals learning style is a key to academic success. Below are some general steps to assist students to pass any academic test.

Things You Will Need

Study materials

Step 1

The first step is to learn to take great notes. In today's world we get our information in small doses. Television and radio news, short articles on the web and newspapers formatted like the USA Today. We have trained ourselves to assimilate information in small packages. Your notes can be much clearer if you use a standard format the way newspapers do. If your notes are scrawled all over the paper the information becomes fragmented.

Step 2

Study Desk

The next step is to set aside a particular place to study. Turn off the television and the cell phone and keep friends and family from disturbing you when you are studying. If you find that you can not study in complete silence, try light classical music by Mozart. It has been know to relax individuals. You can absorb more material if you are relaxed and not stressed.

Step 3

Stop Watch

The next step is to budget your study time. Never ignore any of the material but allocate your study time in the same amount that topics may be on the test. If you know some test areas better than others you can adjust the time spent to put more emphasis on the areas that you are the weakest in.

Step 4

Sharpie Accent Highlighters

Use arrows, underlining, a small note or a small dash of color. Do not use highlighters to emphasize a whole passage on the page because it is difficult to read a page full of brightly colored lines. A page full of highlights can be like looking at a neon sign.

Step 5

Student Studying Try to get the concept of the material before you focus on the details. If you only memorize the dates, places or names you may miss the whole point of the subject. Put the material in your own words. People remember their own thoughts and words better than someone else's. By rephrasing the material in your own words your subconscious will tend to associate the important details with the concepts. Train your mind to think in a series of questions and answers. The more times you read and review material the more you will reinforce the learning. Whenever you have free time read the text book or your notes.

Step 6

Eggs for Brain Food Eat foods that enhance the learning process. Prior to studying, eat foods such as milk, nuts, eggs, turkey or fish. These protein rich foods contain natural memory enhancers called CCK's (cholecystokinin). They enhance the neurotransmitters of the brain associated with memory.

Test anxiety can be devastating to some and non existent in others. Proper preparation prior to taking a test can help reduce or eliminate the anxiety completely.

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