Successfully Styling Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Brides are finding themselves straying from those boring, monotonous, ugly, can-never-wear-twice bridesmaids dresses. The mismatched theme is trending among brides, adding style and originality to your big day. 

Taking the "mismatched" route allows you and your girls to find a dress that best compliments their size and shape. You can either have your bridesmaids pick their own dress with a strict color palette, or you can take control of the dresses they wear. Mismatched dresses also tend to be more affordable, which means your girls can spend more on you and your big day. 

What to Know 

You want to be sure that your girls aren't too mismatched. If you're leaving it up to them, give them specific instructions on a color scheme, and approve the dresses before they buy them. They could even go shopping in their own closets, making the process even more affordable!

You should also include pieces that will unite the girls and their dresses, giving them the mismatched look. Matching shoes, accessories, jewelry, and bouquets are pieces that can unify your bridesmaids. You might consider one of these options as a bridesmaids' gift.

How to Style

The best way to style mismatched dresses is to find different shades of your color choice. Although it may be difficult to get the perfect look, your retail options are endless. You aren't limited to one bridal shop to pick all your dresses. 

Another popular mismatched style is to pick one color with a different styled dress for each bridesmaid. Depending on the size of your party, you can generally meet this look with most bridal shops. 

Remember to give your girls specifics beyond just the color. The length and material are major factors in achieving a collective look. Chiffon and cotton do not match. Too many different colors and styles will only result in a chaotic look rather than a classy one. 

Styling perfect mismatched bridesmaids dresses may require more work on your end. You won't be able to just pick a dress and go with it, but it will pay off in the end!