The most important part of getting your content in front of people is to make sure that it is found. By using search engine optimization (SEO) in your article writing and in creating websites, you will have a better chance at being found in the major search engines. It is a good idea to check these search engines to make sure your URL and article shows up in the Yahoo! search engine. If they do not show up in the search then you need to submit your website URL to the Yahoo! search engine directory. Follow these steps to check your URL or article is ranked in the Yahoo! Search. If it's not ranked in the Yahoo! Search you are missing out on customers and readers.

Things You Will Need

internet connection
Yahoo! account
URL to submit or review

Step 1

Open up a Yahoo! email account. In order to check your URL and article rank in the Yahoo! search engine, Yahoo! requires you to sign up for an email account with them.

Step 2

Submit your website to Yahoo! Search. After you sign up for the Yahoo! account you will be taken to their home page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a section under Yahoo for Business that says "submit your site". Click on that to begin the process of submitting your website URL and checking URL rank and article links in the Yahoo search engine.

After clicking on "submit your site" you'll see a list of options. Choose "submit your site for free" from this list. Here you can submit your websites URL or check URL rank and article links in the Yahoo! search engine.

Step 3

Check your URL rank. Six hundred million (600 million) people use Yahoo! Search every month. If your website or articles are not registering in Yahoo! then you are missing out on potential clients, customers, and readers. Copy your URL into the "explore URL" space. Press enter. This will give you various results. You might find that your website's URL is not listed. Exploring the URL will also show you the links to your article or website. Although your site or article might not be listed in Yahoo! Search it will show up if it has been listed somewhere else, such as if you made a comment on someone's blog or website. Don't be confused by these results. If it says "no results" then your page is not directly showing up in Yahoo! Search and you need to submit your URL.

Step 4

Submit your URL to Yahoo! Search. Instead of exploring the URL, use the option to submit website. Copy your website or article URL then submit it. This will not index the URL immediately. Submitting your URL to Yahoo! tells them your article or website needs to be crawled so the search engine can index it, which is the process of putting it in the search results. Wait for Yahoo! to crawl your website or article. Keep checking the URL and article page links until it shows up.

Tips & Warnings

*Looking at this data can provide you with what you might be missing in your business or with your freelance writing. If you are writing articles that are not being ranked in one of the biggest search engines then you are missing out on tons of readers. Knowing how to submit websites and articles or check URL rank and article links in the Yahoo! Search engine will give you an advantage.
*Read the links section.  Inbound links to your website and article are very important.  They tell the search engines that you have something worth seeing, so see where your links are coming from as they are important.