Yahoo is a search engine as well as a directory. When you submit your site to the Yahoo directory you stand a better chance of being found in search engines driven by spiders, including Google. There are eight different methods of submitting your website to Yahoo. No matter which method that is chosen, ensure that it is well-optimized before you make your submission.

Sites that are well-optimized are those that will find better placement in Yahoo search engines. These well-optimized sites include keyword-rich content, titles and meta-descriptions; create blogs and backlinks and use as many forms of marketing as possible before submitting.

Submitting your Site to Yahoo

The eight different methods of submitting your website to Yahoo are:

  • Yahoo search index

  • Free site submission

  • Mobile Sites

  • Media Contribution

  • Products

  • Yahoo Directory

  • Travel

  • Standard Yahoo submission

Using Yahoo Search Submit is another of the submission options. It is one of the submission forms that requires payment, though it does guarantee inclusion in the Yahoo search index. There are various prices to accommodate most individuals

Using free site submission is free and an easy way to submit your site. By entering the URL of your site into the Yahoo Search Index you are included in the listing. It is necessary to have a yahoo ID in order to use this method of submission.

Yahoo Mobile Sites also offers website submission. Your submission can come via WML, cHTML and zHTML and will help you gain exposure within the mobile search index.

If you have content that is audio or video the Yahoo Media Content submission via media RSS is available.

The Yahoo Product submission is another cost-based service. If you are selling products or services inclusion in this directory can produce great results.

A Yahoo directory puts you within the sponsored search listings in the various search engines including Google, Ask and Bing. Bidding for keywords is necessary to be included in the directory, which allows you to choose your position by the amount you’re willing to spend. Another submission option that requires a fee, there are various pricing options available.

Yahoo Travel allows you to promote your products or services in the Travel Deal’s section of the site. There are two pricing options on Yahoo Travel, including PPC and category-based pricing.

Submission Guidelines for Yahoo

It is important to always read the fine print before you make a submission to any of the Yahoo search engines. You want to understand all of your options before investing any time or money. Ensure that you learn and abide by all of Yahoo’s rules and guidelines as well. Finally, make sure you give enough time for results to be seen. Indexing takes time!