To receive an approval for a K1 fiance/fiancee visa petition is the most exciting and wonderful part that you could ever wait for in the processing of your visa. If you are scheduled to appear for an interview with an American Consul at the US Embassy in Manila, just think positive because if your fiance or fiancee is currently working, is capable to support you plus you have the necessary documents and right evidence to prove a genuine relationship then you'll have a big chance in receiving a visa approval right after the interview.

The proper organization and preparation of the necessary  documents prior to the interview can also boost to your confidence in terms of passing the interview. When you finished and successfully passed the medical examination, all you need is to do is follow and complete the important things that are listed below in order for you to succeed on your K1 Fiance/Fiancee Visa Interview.



What you'll need:

  • Well prepared documents
  • Time and effort
  • Money
  • Patience
  • Faith and hope
  • Confidence
    • 1

      Bring all the required documents needed for the interview. Arranged well all the original documents and all photocopies in order to save time. Embassy officials will mostly ask for a photocopy only but you still need to bring the original copy in case they want to see them too. Compile and organize all your documents neatly in folders with labels in each of them.

    • 2

      Look for the nearest inn or hotel to stay prior to your interview if you live far from the US Embassy in Manila. Bring a family member or a very close friend to support you in this endeavor.

    • 3

      Pay promptly all the fees for your visa application process based on the instructions from the US Embassy in Manila.

    • 4

      Be ready to bring with you a formal or business attire for your upcoming interview. You don't really need to shop for a new outfit if you already have one. 

      Keep in mind that the most important things that are the needed are your pertinent documents. Arrange them well so that you will not take so much time when the Embassy officials will ask for these important forms, pertinent papers and photo evidence.

    • 5

      Think of the possible questions that will come out during the interview and check whether you have the necessary documents to support them too. Just be positive because generally, the questions that will be asked are not truly difficult as long as your relationship is truly genuine and you submitted the necessary and required papers to the US Embassy.

    • 6

      Prepare and make copies of your DS-156 (2 copies with pictures), the DS-156k (have an additional photocopy), and DS-157 (two copies with the other copy validated by the Bank of the Philippine Islands ala BPI). You will then show these important forms at the ticket booth. These forms will be checked and if all were properly filled-up, you'll immediately be provided a ticket stub with your number in it.

    • 7

      Remember that if your documents are ready then you don't have anything to worry about. The questions that the Embassy officials are based on how true or genuine your relationship really is with your American Fiancé/Fiancée. Their questions are not really that difficult so try to relax, eat your favorite dinner the night before the interview and sleep early so that you can wake up early the following day.

    • 8

      Come to the embassy an hour before your scheduled interview. Follow the instructions that the guard will tell you so that you will be in the correct line and get a number at the right time. Even if you'll come at 6AM and your schedule is 9AM then the one who will come at 7AM who has an 8AM schedule will still be the first one to be interviewed for that particular day.

    • 9

      If you have doubts or anything you want to clarify then don't hesitate to ask questions to the security guard at the embassy. Be sure to bring and present your appointment letter (original) and one valid ID to the security guard assigned at the gate.

    • 10

      Stay calm while waiting for your preliminary interview. The preliminary interview is not difficult and you will be asked a few questions only while at the same time you're also asked to submit your pertinent papers: birth certificate, affidavit of support, NBI clearance and other financial papers, proof of genuine relationship and evidence of meeting prior to the visa petition .

    • 11

      Be patient because you still need to wait for a "finger scanning" prior your final interview with the American Consul. You also need to keep a close watch of the numbers that will flash on the board located in upper area fronting all of the applicants who will seat in rows inside the embassy.

    • 12

      Be nice and greet the American Consul when you enter the cubicle. The cubicle is a very small room with two up to four chairs inside it and this is the place where the whole interview will take place. 

      You will then be asked to take an oath prior to the interview. After taking an oath, the American Consul will instruct you to take a seat then the questions will be given one at a time so try to answer directly and speak clearly too.

    • 13

      Pray and always think positive. Your US fiancé/fiancée might be very concerned about your interview so ask him to pray and stay positive too.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that it is very important that your fiance/fiancee is currently working and capable to support you because if not, the American Consul will likely disapprove your visa petition. You also need to provide some pictures with both of you and your fiance/fiancee together, VOIP records, love letters, cards sent to each other, snail mail, emails and post office receipts.

  • Do not bring your X-ray result since this will not be asked during your interview. Do not bring too much photos, love letters, etc. for your relationship evidence because it will only make your portfolio too heavy to carry.