This article with go over the fundamental necessities to not only making a long distance relationship work, but actually, successful.

                 Relationships can be stressful enough, even when partners see each other every day. Of course, there are, hopefully, mainly happy moments, but when partners are separated by long distance, that further complicates things and strains the relationship, making it even more crucial for a strong bond and understanding between the partners to last. Below are the three tenants of a strong relationship, in my opinion.


                 First of all, there must be a strong bond and understanding between the partners; this includes trust. With trust involved, the nature of the long distance relationship, such as the sometimes inability to talk every day, the time zone differences, etc, is made bearable. Trust is what allows the couple to be focused and committed to work, school, or whatever the cause is. Trust allows the partner to sleep soundly at night, knowing that the relationship is safe. While they may not have chatted, talked, or emailed in a few days, he or she knows that the other person is going about their life, thinking of their safe return and faithfully waiting for that day.


                 What promotes trust and bonding? There has to be a strong chemistry and initial liking between the two people. The chemistry causes the initial spark and brings them together. After that, as the relationship evolves and deepens, the couple must take the next step and both express and vocalize their commitment to each other. Importantly, both must have the same drive and commitment to each other. If one is more committed than the other, things will eventually not work out. Time will demonstrate the actions of caring and commitment of either partner to the other, better than any simple lines or words can try to do.


                 Secondly, there must be an equal effort put in by both partners to maintaining, if not even upgrading, the relationship, frequently and routinely. This may take form from anything such as video-chatting, texting, talking on the phone, and emailing. Also, NEVER underestimate the power of a hand-written letter! A letter shows volumes that a text can never do! In relationships where the couples are living close by, there is a natural routine that develops over time where the partner is never really “missed” because there usually hasn’t been experienced a situation that would cause the “missing” of the partner. I personally believe that a period of time of long-distance relationship actually STRENGTHENS a relationship with an already good foundation, because it introduces the aspect of separation, which is good for either partner to experience now, before marriage, to truly stress-test their relationship before the ultimate commitment.  

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