Do you know to succeed with Gilad's Quick Fit System? Besides following the exercise program, here are some quick tips to make sure you lose weight with the workout system.

Things You Will Need

Measuring tape
Gilad: Quick Fit System (exercise dvd program)

Step 1

Before you start the Gilad Quick Fit System, you should weigh yourself and take your measurements.

Using a flexible tape, you want to measure your bicep, your chest (at the nipples), your natural waistline (about an inch or two above your belly button), your hips (the widest part), and your thigh (about an inch above your knee). Note down which side you measure your bicep and thigh because you want to do your final measurement on the same side

Step 2

Get a copy of Gilad's Quick Fit System.

You can purchase it or borrow it from Netflix. Please note that this is a 4 dvd discs set so borrowing it from Netflix will require you to keep all 4 dvds at the same time.

Step 3

Get a copy of the Gilad's Quick Fit System 12 week rotation schedule.

If you purchase the set, then the schedule should be included in the package. If you borrowed the set, then you can find the schedule on the internet by googling "Gilad quick fit schedule."

Step 4

Add more vegetables to every meal and eat them first.

As with any good training program, there is a diet component to Gilad's Quick Fit System. However, if you are too lazy to follow it or just only want to concentrate on the exercise portion of the program, make an effort to add cups of vegetables in every meal and to eat them first. By filling up on the vegetables, you can cut down on the portion size of your meals without sacrificing on taste.

Step 5

Measure your progress at the end of each training phase.

Take your measurements again at the end of each training phase, right before you change the Quick Fit workout schedule (you should have 6 sets of measurements by the time you finish the program).

Step 6

Increase the weight of your dumbbells after the 6th week.

Though the program periodically lengthens to keep your body challenged, using heavier dumbbells will give you more dramatic results. Longer workouts and heavier weights are a great way to add more intensity to your workouts.

Step 7

Increase the weight of your dumbbells after the 6th week.

By this time, you would have either lost weight or inches. Compare them to your first measurements. Now give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work.

In general, a man will see weight loss before a woman does even when they both start an exercise program at the same time. Men have less stored fat than women. With more muscle mass, men will usually start to see weight loss within a month of starting an exercise program while women might take closer to two months to see results. Just keep on exercising because you will see weight loss by the end of Gilad's Quick Fit System.

Tips & Warnings