Times are tight for many people and a lot of the people I know can all use some extra dollars each month. If you are living pay check to pay check as I am then you know how much I value an extra $50-$100 a month.

If you have a computer and internet access then you can make some extra money online with a little bit of hard work. The great thing about working hard on the internet is it is much easier then working hard at a job such as laying concrete or framing a house.


Ebay is a popular way for many people to make some extra money each month. You can sell unused items taking up space in your garage. You can sell those old baseball cards you have had since you were a young child. You can sell almost anything on Ebay. Some items tend to sell for more then others on Ebay. Do some research and see what the items are you want to sell actually selling for. Figure in your Ebay Pile Of Cashand Paypal fees and make sure it will be worth your time to sell that particular item.

You can even sell arts and crafts items. If you like to crochet afghans then you can sell them on Ebay.


InfoBarrel is the site that you are on right now. There are many sites you can write online for but in my opinion InfoBarrel is by far the best. If you have the dedication to write a lot of articles then you can build up some extra income. The articles you write for InfoBarrel will continue to make you money every month. I started 4 months ago on InfoBarrel and I have already earned over $50.00 for the month of March. Next month I expect to make $100.00 by simply writing a lot of articles for InfoBarrel. Some authors such as JC Mayer and x3xsolxdierx3x earn a lot more then I do.

By the end of this year I expect to be earning over a $500.00 every month. That is some nice extra income. You can simply write a few articles and call it quits. You just write a lot of articles and do it everyday. You want to strive for at least 100 articles a month. It may sound like a lot but once you get in the groove of things you can easily accomplish this.


The Examiner is another great website you can write for. They pay you around $9.00 for every thousand article views. If you write 3-4 articles day you can earn money pretty quickly. You can earn money faster in the beginning with Examiner then you would with InfoBarrel. There are however a few benefits which make InfoBarrel a better site to write for. With InfoBarrel you can write about any topic you want to and at Examiner you are limited to only writing articles about your niche.

You have to apply to become and Examiner. With InfoBarrel you just sign up and start writing. With InfoBarrel you will keep earning money for your articles even if you quit writing. With Examiner if you go 30 days without writing you will not get paid.

If you want to write then go ahead and start writing for InfoBarrel and then apply to write for the Examiner. If accepted you can write articles for both sites.


A blog can be a fun way to earn some extra money. You first need to pick your desired niche. Do you want to blog about electronic, crocheting, cars, bicycling? You can select any niche you want. Pick a topic that you are interested in. You can have more of a general blog but a blog that focuses on a certain subject will usually make you more money. You can enable your blog to make you some money by implementing Googles Adsense ads. The Adsense ads will be targeted towards your topic and every time someone clicks one one you earn money.

At first you will not earn anything but then you will get an occasional click. If you keep writing blog posts you will eventually start earning some good extra money each month.

You can also use a blog in addition to writing for websites such as InfoBarrel and Examiner. You can drive traffic between the sites so they will see you articles and also your blog posts and you can earn revenue from each site.

If you truly want to earn money from your blog then you need to work hard at your blog.

Classes For New Internet Users

Many older people around the Country still do not have internet access or even a computer. When these people get a computer for the first time they feel overwhelmed. You can give private lessons to people who are not computer literate. You can teach them how to use the internet.

You start off with the very basics and then teach them more depending upon there interests. Once they get the basic down if the person is interested in genealogy you can teach them hoe to do genealogy research online. You can also register them for a genealogy forum online and show them how to navigate and post on the forums.

You Can Do It!

There are many ways to make money. If you have no money then you do not want to invest money in making money. With all of the above ideas you can start off for free. You can use Blogger.com to set up a free blog. Adsense is free to sign up for. Registering to write articles for InfoBarrel and examiner will not cost you any money.

Do not invest money in turnkey websites or buy a lot of marketing books. You can start off for free and earn money. Everything you need to learn can be found online in various forums for free. You can register at the forums at http://forums.digitalpoint.com . They have a wealth of advice for bloggers, webmasters, and will help you build up your online income.