thought helmet

One of my very favorite quotes is from the master poet, dramatist, playwright, and cynic, Oscar Wilde (Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde). It is:

All thought is immoral. Its very essence is destruction. If you think of anything , you kill it. Nothing survives being thought of.

So, this ponderous deep and haunting statement has become a quote that I can recall because I have survived being thought of, so far! Of course part of my strategy is not to know that I am being thought of, and that takes some ego killing. I want to be thought of, I'm a member of the human tribe of wannabes.

Here comes the issue- how to be thought of? With grace, wit, beauty, laughter, and all the other put -a -smile -on- your -face when thinking of me factors. Next is the control bit. Since I cannot control your thoughts, or my own for that matter, I'd better give it up. Giving up thinking to survive being thought of is a novel idea, I think. Alas! It is possible for only a few seconds, even the greatest meditators agree that they can only experience no thoughts for a few seconds. As you can see, this survival tale has taken great effort.

When someone who doesn't know about my survival struggle (everyone I know), tells me they were thinking of me, I gasp inwardly, smile outwardly, and force some response like, "Oh, you were, how nice!" Another mortal wound strikes and I wonder how long I will survive. Sometimes I dare to ask what they were thinking about me, good stuff or not. That was in the past, now I know it is none of my business what they are thinking of me because I could die if I knew. In return I try not to think of them, but that is impossible so when I think I'm thinking of them or anything, I hope it's at the very least a blessing thought, or funny.

You may be thinking that sleeping would be a good survival tactic to not be thought of. Oh no, who really knows what our minds are up to when we sleep? We could be thinking of ways to kill our snoring mate, or what Oscar Wild was talking about. Do you ever wake up in a different position than you went to sleep in? That had to take some thought, to move to a different position. No, sleeping isn't the answer.

Maybe when people think of the great thinkers throughout history they don't realize that a whole lot of damage is happening. Maybe that's why the world is so screwed up. All those great thoughts kept killing others out that were really the great thoughts, but they couldn't survive. We live in a constant thought war, and we're all dying. Deep thoughts circulate out to spread like an alien virus that no one knows how to survive. They all die into the mysterious black hole, that's why science is so mysterious.

Perhaps the creators of boring television shows know about the survival. One can be mindlessly entertained if one has the patience to let no thought TV into a daily routine. Really, how many times do you find that you are heading for the couch to collapse and turn on a boring show so you don't have to think? that's why there are so many mindless TV shows that are so popular.

Well, now you know how to survive being thought of. Good luck.