Unemployment is something that no one wants to go through. However, when unemployment does hit, it is important to know how to survive it. Here are five things that you need to do when you find yourself unemployed so you can get by.

Start Earning Money

This may sound crazy, but find a way to make money as soon as you find yourself unemployed. Just because you do not have a traditional J-O-B does not mean that you can't bring in extra money while you are looking for a job. Start donating plasma, mow lawns, offer to babysit or start writing online articles at places like InfoBarrel to bring in money. This will help you get through unemployment by filling the financial gaps that joblessness can create.

Reduce Your Expenses

Next, start finding ways to reduce your expenses. Cancel the cable and Netflix, stop eating out, clip coupons to reduce your grocery bill and downgrade your cell phone plan. Basically, if you do not absolutely need it, then it is time for it to go. Remember, unemployment is only temporary and so you can live without these extras for the time being to help you survive.

Schedule Your Job Hunts

It can be very easy to sit around in your comfortable clothes and put off looking for work. However, it is important that you schedule the times you are going to be looking for work, so that you make sure to get that time in. Make sure you get dress every day and pound the pavement for a few hours. This will keep you in a routine and keep you out of a depression.

Rely on Family and Friends

When you find yourself needing emotional or financial support, do not feel embarrassed to lean a little bit on your family and friends. If someone offers to help, accept that help. You never know, they may find themselves in the same situation soon enough and you might be the one to help them. So try to resist your stubborn pride and take your loved ones up on their offers.

Have Fun

Above all, it is important to have a little fun while you are unemployed. That fun does not have to cost anything at all. Go to a free outdoor concert, window shop, or even go fly a kite with your kids. Whatever you do, be sure to find time to relax and forget about any stress you might have.

So when you find yourself unemployed, try to remember that it is temporary. Unemployment is simply a phase in your life and it too shall pass. Until then, follow these five steps so you can survive and maybe even thrive through your time between jobs.