These are tough times. The economy is sagging, with no end in sight. Many people need to know how to survive a recession. There are no magical tricks you can use to stay afloat. Is your job safe? Are you sure? While you can't always know for certain that you will still have a job a few years down the road, you can know for certain that you're prepared for the worst. Here's how to survive a recession.

Saving money- Frugal living:

For many, simply cutting a few corners is how to survive a recession. There are tons of things you can do to save a few bucks on your expenses. Let's take a look at just a few.

1. Use coupons. Coupons can really add up, and they aren't just for groceries anymore. You can find many free coupon sites on the internet. Print, clip, save your way to a smaller bill at the store. Be sure to compare prices when using coupons, generic may still be less expensive.

2. Decrease heating and cooling costs. This is how to survive a recession, or at least get on the right path. Curtains letting the sun in during the winter, closed so they block the sun in summer. Change the setting of the thermostat for some work free savings.

3. Cut the phone service. Not completely, but it may be wise to simply use your cell phone only. Some will see instant savings this way. Be sure you have good reception when you do something like this, or it just won't be worth it. In addition, you should realize that there are some issues with cell phones when calling 911. Contrary to Hollywood movies, your location may not be found. If you cannot speak during the emergency, you may not get the help you need. Use caution if this is how you choose to survive a recession by saving money.

4. Cut the cable. You can save a lot of money this way, and still watch most of your favorite shows online. Most shows are now available to watch for free online. Take advantage of this, it just may allow you to survive a recession.

5. Explore your options to survive a recession. Make a budget and look for ways to save money. There are literally thousands of things you can do.

Saving money - Spendable money:

This is the most surefire way to survive a recession, or at least improve your chances down the road. If you are in a position to save money, even just a few bucks each month, do it. In the event that you lose your job, having a built up savings account could very easily help you to survive a recession. Of course, those that are struggling to save money in the bank will need to find some other ways to survive a recession. Here's how to do it.

1. Take advantage of any and all programs your employer offers. Does your employer offer a 401(k) match? If so, you should take full advantage of the opportunity. This may help you to survive a recession down the road.

2. Start up Christmas club account. Generally speaking, the money is deposited immediately when you receive your check electronically. By putting a small amount away, perhaps just $10 per check, you will see results, long term.

3. Put the money you save by living frugally away. This can help you to survive a recession. If you cut out a phone line, put the money you were spending on the service into your savings account.

4. Make a coin jar. Put your loose change into a jar religiously, and don't spend it until needed. You will be surprised at how quickly an old mayo jar can fill up. While this alone probably won't allow you to survive a recession, it will help.

Making money:

There are many things you can do to make more money today, which may help you to survive a recession. Here's just a few.

1. Get a second job to survive a recession. A part time job at just $9 per hour, one shift per week, would net about $300 per month. This can really help you out. Not only will you make more money and save more money, you'll still have a source of income if you lose your primary job. Being prepared is how to survive a recession.

2. Start a side business. You can make some money on the side this way, and maybe begin a legitimate money making adventure. Many successful lawn care businesses were started by an average guy, just looking to make a few bucks on the side. It's how to survive a recession.

3. Put your computer to good use. There are plenty of ways to make money online, so you can survive a recession. You could blog, write articles for sites like this one, or sell items at online auctions. There really is no limit here, there are tons of options.

Keeping your job:

This is perhaps the most key points of how to survive a recession. You need to make yourself irreplaceable. You can do it. Here's how to make your job need you.

1. Do more than required. Exceed expectations, don't just do the minimum. You will likely impress your boss this way. This is how to keep your job, and survive a recession.

2. Don't be late. Show up to work a little early, not late. Show your boss that you not only need the job, but want it. Just a few minutes late isn't acceptable, especially when there are so many people out there looking for work.

3. Ask for additional responsibilities. I'm not saying that you should strive to become the brown nose person of the group, not at all. Asking for additional responsibilities show ambition, something lacking in may out in the workforce. It's how to keep your job and survive a recession. You may even line yourself up for a promotion this way.

4. Avoid changing positions if layoffs are possible. Some companies will take away your seniority, if they work on that philosophy, if you ask to take a new position. Keep the future in mind, it's how to survive a recession.

There are just a few of the survival techniques you can use to survive a recession. There are tons of other things you can do. Just think outside the box a little, you're sure to come up with plenty of other ideas on how to survive a recession.