It's August and you're 8 1/2 months pregnant, living in the deep South. You can feel the sweat trickling down your growing abdomen as you walk outside to pick up the mail. Hang in there, honey....

Being pregnant can be one of the most joyful times in a woman's life. However, carrying the extra weight during the summer in the southern US or other hot climates can be quite uncomfortable. Here are a few tips and suggestions that can help the expectant mom stay comfortable as her belly and baby grow through the hot summer months.

Things You Will Need


body powder

natural fiber clothing

loose breezy dresses

ice packs

quality comfortable shoes



Step 1

Before getting dressed sprinkle yourself with baby powder or your favorite scented body powder. This will help absorb sweat and your clothing will feel better against your skin. Keep a small travel size bottle of powder in your purse for freshening up throughout the day.

Step 2

Wear natural fiber clothing, like cotton or silk. Synthetic fibers, like polyester and rayon don't breathe as well and will make you feel hotter.

Step 3

Choose loose fitting clothing like breezy sundresses or longer flowing skirts. These items will make you feel cooler and more feminine versus tight fitting shorts or pants which will make you sweat more.

Step 4


Treat your feet! Leather is better than man made materials. So get a quality pair of comfortable shoes or sandals made of leather and be kind to your feet. If you'd rather just slip on a pair of flip flops try ones that have a thicker sole with some sort of support for your arches.

Step 5


Always wear sunscreen. There's nothing worse than being hot, pregnant and sunburned at the same time.

Step 6


Wear a sunhat, ballcap, or bandana to shield your head from the sun.

Step 7


Always stay hydrated. Drink a glass of water before venturing out into the heat or bring a water bottle with you to refresh yourself as you go about your daily routine.

Step 8


Carry one of those water misting bottles with a battery operated fan so you can spritz yourself and cool off when necessary.

Step 9

If you're feet get too hot, relax with a cool drink while you soak your feet in a basin of cool water. Cooling your feet will make your whole body feel cooler.

Step 10

If you know you will be spending extended time outdoors like at a yard party or picnic bring a small cooler with some flexible icepacks. Place the icepacks between your back and lawn chair or behind your neck to cool off while still enjoying the party.

Step 11

If the heat is making you too uncomfortable seek shelter in an air conditioned house or building.

Step 12

You can also take cool showers throughout the day if you don't have access to air conditioning. After your shower, start at step one again by sprinkling yourself with powder before dressing and try to enjoy your day.

The countdown has begun....

Try to enjoy the last few weeks of your summer pregnancy, anticipating the arrival of your newborn. Tell yourself how great you will feel when you can hold your sweet baby in your arms.

Tips & Warnings

Always be aware of how you are feeling when exposed to the heat of the summer. Rest when needed and cool down by implementing some of these suggestions. If you are feeling dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded or out of sorts seek medical attention immediately.