It is surprising how many people seem to be averse to changing their provider for just about any service despite the fact that it is very easy to do, does not cost any money and  in actual fact can actually save hundreds of pounds. This is the case with broadband suppliers  and many people are quite possibly paying more money than they need to for their broadband, tv and home phone packages. In this article we discuss the benefits of switching broadband provider and the best way to go about doing it.

Why Switch?

The first thing that needs to be said here is that the providers do not want you to obtain your service from another provider. This is why there are many longer-term contracts that can tie you in for anywhere up to 18 months. Once the providers have you tied into a substantial contract at a certain rate, they can go ahead and make cheaper deals available to attract new customers in to the service in the knowledge that you are precluded from these deals.

Conversely, if you are in a position where you can switch between providers easily, then you do have access to all of the cheaper deals around that are designed to attract people like you. The best approach is to make sure that you are able to review your broadband provision at least once a year and move to a cheaper deal should one be available.

How to Switch

The best way of first of all understanding the implications of various deals and packages and secondly accessing them is to use a comparison website. This saves you a lot of hard work in visiting the individual sites of the providers. Most reputable websites are free to use and independent of the providers. The way they make money is via a commission from the provider if you switch using their website.

The first stage in moving is down to you. You have to ask your current supplier for a MAC code that you will eventually need to switch.

In the case of broadband, there is a simple online interface in which you input details of your current supplier, your postcode and some information about your download limits and speed. You hit a button on the website and the results will be presented to you based on the very latest price feeds and offers from all of the key providers. You can then sort the results in price order or by any of the other criteria such as speed, contract term and others.

Without leaving the comparison website you can then start the process of moving to a different supplier. You will be taken to a secure area of the site where more sensitive details such as your payment details and your MAC code will be taken.

This is all that is required in terms of changing your broadband provider. While you are doing this it would be worth looking at some of the broadband, TV and home phone bundles because you may well save even more money by bundling these services together.