HDTV is quickly becoming a better entertainment option for many TV viewers. Watching TV in high definition provides better sound quality and clarity. HDTV offers a variety of new options for watching your favorite movies on DVD. When you make the switch to HDTV, you'll find that you'll get longer use out of your TV. You'll be able to take advantage of the latest technology, and your TV will be better-equipped for future upgrades. Stores like Circuit City and Verizon.com offer HDTV equipment and accessories. Here is how to switch to HDTV:

Find a Good HDTV

HD broadcasts won't work on an analog TV, so you'll need to shop for a new TV. HD-compatible TVs cover a variety of price ranges, so you should be able to find an affordable one. You'll want to make sure you research all options that are available within your budget. Try to read reviews of the various brands written by other consumers first. It also helps to get recommendations from store employees about which TVs are top sellers. Doing thorough research first will help you find the best TV.

If You Don't Have Cable or Satellite

If you don't have cable or satellite, you can still take advantage of HDTV. You'll simply need to purchase a HD-compatible antenna. This will allow you to continue to receive your local broadcast channels. Upgrading to HDTV is worth considering even if you don't anticipate purchasing cable or satellite services. Most local stations broadcast in high definition, so you'll enjoy a better picture and movie theater-quality sound. Upgrading to HDTV will help ensure that you're able to continue receiving TV signals.

Cable Users

Cable users will find that many of their favorite cable channels are available in HD. Depending on your cable provider, you might need to exchange your current receiver for a different one. Many cable providers offer receivers with DVR capabilities that allow you to record your favorite shows. A lot of cable providers also offer a free or discounted HDTV tier of channels. This usually includes favorites like ESPN, Discovery and TNT. More channels are becoming available in HD every day.

Satellite Users

Customers who subscribe to satellite will have many of their favorite channels available in high definition. HD receivers are available for those who need an upgrade. Like cable receivers, most of these also have recording capabilities. You'll have a good selection of digital channels to choose from. Depending on the area you live in, you might also be able to receive local broadcast channels.

Additional Components

Depending on how your current TV is set up, you might need to buy additional items. Some older DVD players and home theater systems are compatible with newer TVs. However, you might need to buy adapters to make them work with a new TV. You'll want to make sure your budget allows for an upgrade if your current equipment is too outdated. A Blu-Ray DVD player is a good replacement for an outdated player. It will also play older DVDs, which allows you to keep as much of your current collection as possible.