Syncing applications from your iTunes library to your iPod isn't always equally simple as Apple makes you believe it is. In the event that you own more than one iPod Nano or iPod Touch in the household, it can be even more tricky to share apps, games, and other iTunes store products. Also, you can run into snags in adding applications you downloaded on your iPod by means of a wireless connection to the iTunes library on your PC. This is the exact problem I ran into today, and I would like to illustrate how I fixed it.

The difficulty: I recently ordered Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, a game app, with my iTunes account on the PC. I downloaded the game as usual and just as I was going to apply changes to it, I got a notification sign that popped up on the software indicating to me that in syncing the iPod Touch, I would erase all other applications that were not already inside the library. I had quite a few apps on my iTouch that I had downloaded from the iTouch Application Store (not using my computer), but had never synced them to the computer itunes library. This posed a dilemma.

The resolution: After messing around with the itunes window I gave in and called consumer support. After going through several minutes setting up a case ID for the ipod (I was connected to a native English salesperson, by the way, so at least my encounter was a enjoyable one), I finally figured out on my own what the problem was. It had to do with syncing the products from my iPod Touch to the iPod itunes library on my computer.

Here is how you might transfer applications, songs ordered from iTunes, movies, and more from an iPod Touch to the iTunes software on the computer:

1. Insert in your iPod and launch iTunes. From time to time this will occur automatically as soon as your iPod is plugged in.

2. Choose the ipod device and click File -> Transfer purchases from (your) iPod. You will observe every one of your account's purchases presently on your iPod are being synced into the iTunes applications library. You can additionally right click on your ipod device title and choose "Transfer purchases" to accomplish the same thing.

3. Click on the iPod handle in the left panel. You will be taken to your Summary tab in the full-size window. Beside to the Summary tab you'll see the Apps section. Click on the tab and choose "Sync applications."

4. A caution should pop up notifying you that any apps not in your itunes library at this time will be removed. If you push Okay, you will still be shown the opportunity to choose those games you want to attach to your iPod before it syncs, thus if you accidentally press it, all is not lost.

5. If each of the games are showing up in the window of the Apps section, you are good to go. Make certain of everything you want to keep or add to the ipod touch is checked, otherwise it will be replaced. Once it is added into the library, though, it should keep it there, therefore you don't have to worry about losing it.

These steps prevented me from making a BIG mistake and deleting my hard-earned, paid-for apps and games. Remember to keep to these actions anytime you buy apps from the button on an itouch prior to adding from the computer.