With so many difference social networks vying for your attention these days, sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all.  You need to remember to consistently post updates in all places in order to keep the relationships on those accounts meaningful.  Luckily there are tools and techniques you can use to take updates form one social network and synchronize them to your other accounts.  

Tumblr has a built in mechanism for exporting posts to Facebook, but what if you want to do it the other way around?  This is not so easy and takes a bit of tweaking to make it work, but it is possible to sync your Facebook status with your Tumblr blog.

1. Grab the info

First you'll need to get the RSS feed URL for your Facebook status updates.  To do this, log into Facebook and go http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php.  You should see a list of all your friend's updates.  Click the "via RSS" link at the top next to "Subscribe:".  You'll see a bunch of gibberish on the screen.  Ignore that and note the URL in your browser address bar.  It should look like this: 


Where code#1 is some string of numbers and code#2 is a different string of numbers.  These are the numbers you need for the next step.

2. Make your URL

Now plug those numbers into this URL:


Copy this URL and have it ready to paste in the next step.

3. Plug it into Tumblr

Log into your Tumblr account, view your blog, and click the Customize button in the uper right.  Select Services form the top menu and scroll down to Add a Feed.  Select RSS from the drop down and choose your posting preferences.  Paste the URL form above into the Feed URL box and click Start Importing This Feed.

4. Enjoy!

It normally takes a little while before it starts importing new feeds, so be patient.  If you update your Facebook status often, check back to Tumblr in a day or two and you should see all your status updates appearing as mini-posts on Tumblr!