Saving money is on everyone's mind these days, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. With the rising costs of heating and air conditioning bills, many are looking into the how well their homes are insulated to lower those monthly expenses.

DIY (do it yourself) spray foam installation is becoming a popular choice in residential and commercial buildings, but the real question is how challenging is this project to take on yourself?

It certainly doesn't appear that difficult, even a child can push a trigger and make something spray, right? Well yes and no, sure the process of actually spraying the installation is an easy one, but you must be cautious as to where you're placing it.

For example, if placing the installation in the attic you need to ensure your attic will still have a means to remove any water or moisture that naturally rise through the house into the attic to be ventilated. Roof shingles can also become very hot from access installation in the attic and result in damaging your roof. If you have heating or cooling elements in your attic be sure to read the precautions that need to be followed for those cases.

Once all the necessary precautions have been taken to begin your do it yourself spray installation project you can begin the search for the lowest price. While the end result of putting new installation in your home will provide you with years of savings, the actual materials needed to complete the project are not exactly cheap. The average cost of a complete foam kit is around three hundred dollars.

The kits typically cover the space in square feet which is usually sold in 200-300 square foot spaces. They all come with the directions which everyone should review carefully and the nozzles, gun and foam. In addition to the kits you can purchase a repair kit in most home improvement retailers or on the internet for around twenty dollars should you have any repairs to fix.

Do read the directions before you begin and wear the protective gear to not get any of the installation in your eyes, face or mouth. The two liquids are warmed up upon spraying and begin to harden just after applying it. Do not overspray your areas to avoid wasting excess amounts of installation and causing damage to your walls.

The liquids began to expand and fill in the areas behind the walls that you would like to be properly insulated in a matter of just seconds. DIY spray foam installation is a fast project that can be done in one day and the benefits can last for years. The decrease in energy bills you will save each year can be hundreds and in some cases even thousands by keeping the heat and cool air trapped in your home and not seeping out the cracks of your walls.

In many instances you can qualify for a tax credit for increased energy efficiency as well, making the project essentially pay for itself which is another reason so many are putting it in their homes.