Amongst the plethora of opportunities for it's millions upon millions of worldwide users to both interact and connect, since it's inception the Facebook website platform has introduced various elements of functionality that many have come to love and take full advantage of. Whether from a marketing standpoint, or from a purely personal usage of their site, Facebook Groups and pages have emerged as an avenue and outlet for personal expression. While you are taking a break from exploring and interacting with these groups and pages, Facebook also has a tagging feature which affords users with yet another opportunity to connect and further involve themselves in their select networks.

On July 1st, 2010, in response to mounting user feedback regarding what some deem "tagging" to be a tedious, less-than-user-friendly, experience, Facebook appears to have recognized this and has addressed it accordingly in the blog post entitled"Making Facebook Photos Better" . With over 100 million photos uploaded each and every day to Facebook, while many users have become enthralled by the ability to upload, browse, and tag photos, this functionality for tagging photos is currently being tested and could, eventually, change the way that photos are tagged in accordance with the steps listed in this article.

Currently, a Facebook user can tag their friends in both photos, as well as, their notes.

Things You Will Need

a Computer, with Internet Access
a Facebook Account

Step 1

If you are not logged into Facebook, you will now have to ensure that you are logged in. If you are not a member, you will have to take this opportunity to register for a Facebook account. Registration is painless and easy and can be done simply by filling in "Sign-Up" form in the right area of the Facebook homepage. When registering, you will be asked to provide the follow information about yourself: Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Email Address, Your New Password, Your Sex (Gender), and the Complete Date of Your Birth.

Step 2

If you are new to Facebook, and have just register for the first time, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address and account your supplied while registering. This confirmation email will include a link, that will have to be clicked on, in order to validate that it was you, in fact, who registered for a Facebook account. While registering, because you will have to confirm your account, you should strongly consider using an email account that you check frequently, rather than an account that you would otherwise just siphon off spam emails, offers or subscriptions to blogs.

Step 3

When you first log in to Facebook, you will immediately see the section of your profile that includes your news feed consolidated in the center, along with a small, avatar-sized, profile photo of yourself in the upper left hand corner just below the "facebook" logo wording in the blue site header. Currently, you can tag both your photos, as well as your friends photos, in a few different locations. For the sake of this Info Barrel article, you can quickly access an expanded list of options once you click "photos" in the left navigation menu, directly under the words "News Feed", "Messages", and "Events".

Step 4

When you click to expand your "photos" option in your left navigation menu, you will be greeted a few more expounded options, to include: "Video", "Recent Albums", "Mobile Uploads", and "My Uploads". Tagging can be done in each one of these options.

Step 5

For a purpose of an example, if you click the "My Uploads" option in your left navigation menu, you will be presented with all the pictures/albums that you have recently uploaded to Facebook. You will be first shown your albums, and, then, you must click through to your pictures. These same picture uploads can be accessed through your main profile, as well, by clicking on either "View Photos of Me" or on your actual full-sized profile picture. Regardless of how you actually get to your photos, the tagging functionality you will apply is exactly the same.

Step 6

Upon clicking on your actual profile picture, you will be presented with the options to either "Share", "Tag this Photo", "Edit this Photo", "Remove as Profile Picture", or "Crop this Photo". Had you picked a picture that wasn't your profile picture, the options you are presented with would be slightly different. Instead of having a "Remove as Profile Picture" option, you would, instead, have a "Make Profile Picture" option.

Step 7

You will now proceed to "Tag this Photo". Once you have tagged the photo of your choosing, you will then be presented with the following text embedded in an orange box that will appear above your photo: "Tag for yourself saved.
You can continue to tag the photo below.
When you are done, click the "Done Tagging" button to resume browsing."

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