For most parents, the transition from bottle to sippy cup is difficult even with a single child. With twins, the issue becomes even harder. The best way to avoid conflict during the switch is to start the process early and work slowly. Allow the twins to get used to the idea of drinking from a cup before switching completely to sippy cups. This will avoid most of the conflict associated with the switch and will keep your twins happy.

Step 1

Start weaning the twins from the bottle between six and 10 months of age. The earlier you introduce the cup, the easier it is for the twins to transition to drinking from a cup.

Step 2

Cut out the times that your babies feed from a bottle one at a time. Start offering one meal or snack a day from the cup only. If your twins breastfeed, offer a sippy cup of breast milk or water during snack time or while feeding the babies in the high chair to get them used to the idea. Make sure to supply the babies with bibs to avoid spilling the drink on their clothing. 

Step 3

Eliminate one additional bottle every week. Some twin babies may not even notice the transition, while others may resist. Keep firm, and do not allow the twins to go back to bottle feeding after you have switched to sippy cups. If the twins object, keep firm. The babies will drink out of the cups when they become thirsty enough.

Step 4

Give the sippy cups to the twins at the same time. Make sure the cups look similar or identical to avoid jealously issues. Fill the cups with the same liquids. If one twin is more accepting of the cup than the other, praise the twin who accepts the cup. It is likely that the other twin will be convinced to drink from the cup through peer pressure and a desire for praise. However, do not scold the resistant twin. Keep the switch a positive experience.

Helpful Hints

Start the transition process on a weekend, such as a Friday night or Saturday morning. This will allow the twins plenty of time to get used to the idea of drinking from a cup before the work week starts, when both parents and babies are more tired and are less resistant to stressful situations. 

Show the babies a video of other babies drinking from cups, or have a friend with a slightly older baby or child demonstrate drinking from a cup to the twins. The babies may be more open to the new format with the example of an older child.