If you own a mp3 player or an iPod, then chances are that you use earbuds. Earbuds are very popular because they are portable, easy and comfortable to wear, and very easy to get. However, I've noticed a major downfall in them is that they do not last very long. This morning I went to listen to some music on my iPod, only to find that one of the earbuds was out and I wasn't getting any sound from it, unless i twisted it a certain way. Even then, it was fuzzy and would fade out. I was sad to admit that was the third pair of earbuds that has happened to in less than a year. The pair that just broke this morning was less than a month old. After going out and buying a new pair today, I decided to actually research how to take care of my earbuds, since I would like to get a pair to last more than just a month. I then, decided to write an article about it. First of all, a major problem with earbuds is the way people wrap them. It's a very bad idea to wrap your earbuds around your iPod, which is something I have done ever since I got my iPod last year! It's so convenient to just wrap your cord around your mp3 player and stuff it in your pocket. However, that's not the best idea. Wrapping it around an mp3 player can wear down on wires, especially if you wrap it tight. It's also not a good idea to just throw them in your purse or pocket and let them get all tangled up. A good idea is to find a nice way to loosely wrap your earbuds together. You can find great how-to videos on YouTube explaining how to do this. There are several methods, and several videos online. Another thing that you can do is clean them. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever cleaned my earbuds before. I never really thought about it! It's not that hard, apparently. So, I will be doing it more often in the future! Earwax and other junk can get into your earbuds and harm them. You can clean them with hydrogen peroxide, or a soapy water solution. Do not submerge your earbuds!! Just take a lint-free cloth and slightly dampen it in the soapy water or peroxide solution and gently clean the earbuds. Use a toothpick if you need to get into some of the little holes. Just remember to be gentle. Don't forget to dry them, Finally, consider purchasing a headphone case. It's a great way to protect your earbuds from just about anything! You don't even necessarily need to buy one. Just find a small pouch laying around. Another option is a small zip seal bag. Find a place to tuck them away where other things cannot pull or twist them.