Being a careful driver is essential to staying safe on the road. But it takes more than being a watchful driver to ensure a peaceful and injury-free ride. Taking care of your car is also important when it comes to road safety—especially your car tires. Since your car is relying on your wheels to get around, it is vital that you continuously check them and take care of them.

Here are some tips on tire care that will help you stay safer on the road and prevent any future mishaps:

  • Do not overload your vehicle. Your car and your car tires can only take so much weight. Many people forget to keep this in mind when they pack their vehicle full of heavy objects that will take a huge toll on the tires. Overloading your automobile can lead to popped tires. Look over your car’s manual to see what the limits of your rubber wheels are.

  • Rotate your tires. When your two front tires are starting to bald or show signs of wear, go to a mechanic to have your wheels rotated. Rotated tires can help prevent cars from skidding and spinning out.

  • Regularly change your tires. Tires are expensive and a hassle to change, but that does not mean you should overlook this duty. You need to make sure that there is enough tread on your tires so that it will be safe to manage. When all the grooves in the wheel are visible, then that means the wheel has enough grip to work efficiently on the road. However, if it is starting to look like it is balding, it may be time to fork over the money and purchase new rubber tires.

  • Inflate your tires when needed. Another thing many commuters overlook is the air pressure within their tires. A simple gas station stop and air gauge can indicate to you whether or not your tires need more air. The recommended air pressure that should go into your tires will be in your car manual or on your tire itself. If it is below the recommended level, inflate your tire. This will ensure better safety and better gas mileage as well.

Making sure your automobile wheels are inflated will help prevent you from losing control of your car. This will extend your safety and make sure your travelling endeavors go by injury-free. Car accidents are scary, avoid them by giving your car tires the proper attention and care.