There are many factors that are taken into consideration while gauging beauty in women. Well-kept fingernails is one of them.

Need for care

Naturally, beauty has been linked to womanhood. The fashion industry has used this as the basis for its success:-providing to women products and services that make them beautiful! Usually, more focus has been created on the skin and clothing. However, beauty is not just external. There is a need for a healthy and active lifestyle to ensure that we are beautiful from the inside out! This is brought about mainly by diet and exercise. However, most of us focus on the larger details forgetting the seemingly smaller details, like nails! Good looking nails are morale boosters that make you feel good about yourself, in the process increasing your self confidence. Nails should therefore receive proper care as they are also a reflection of the body’s general health. During the cold season, nails are prone to dehydration that makes them susceptible to breaking, chapping and discoloration. To keep them in good shape therefore, ensure that you maintain a thorough nail care routine.

Tips for beautiful nails

Did you know that what you eat reflects on your nails? Our nails are made up of mostly minerals, with calcium having the greatest percentage. Therefore, if we eat foods that are poor in these minerals, we fail to replenish our nails, resulting into unhealthy nails. Therefore, ensure your diet is rich in minerals like Calcium, Vitamin A, Phosphorus, Zinc, Folic acid, Silica and Vitamin C. Some of the foods that are rich in these minerals include eggs, green vegetables, coriander, broccoli, apricots, carrots, and almonds. Also, drink lots of water to keep the nails from becoming brittle. Just because you eat right, this is not an express guarantee that your nails will look good. Take the care further by exercising personal hygiene. Always keep your fingernails clean as they are carriers of disease causing bacteria and germs. A nail brush is the most efficient tool for cleaning the nails as its bristles get in between, ridding you of dirt and germs. Trim the nails regularly to keep them at a comfortable length. Avoid filing nails after a bath as they may break easily. For better blood circulation and stimulated nail growth, opt for nail buffing. While washing hands, make sure you massage the soap near the nails and cuticles, rinse thoroughly and moisturize. You can treat your fingernails by visiting a manicurist at least once a month.

Protect the nails

Always keep your fingernails moisturized. Do this every time you wash your hands, and before retiring to bed. Invest in moisturizers that are rich in Vitamin E and castor oil. Petroleum jelly is also ideal oil for beautiful nails. During the cold seasons in particular, massaging nail serum will stimulate circulation and promote the growth of nails. Keep off harsh chemicals as they make the nails weak. The same applies to polish remover that has acetone. Acetone based removers make the nails fragile and easy to break. Always use a base coat before applying the polish of your choice to keep the nail from staining. Taking care of your nails is easy, therefore, never get caught with drab-looking nails!