What is the best credit card processing for your business?

From craft fairs to delivery companies to restaurants, many types of businesses can benefit from processing of credit cards with a wireless credit card machine. With these, you can easily and instantly take payments without the need for a landline or electrical outlet. In addition, unlike taking a check, with a credit card you have confirmation that you have received the payment. Offering a customer or client a way to pay immediately, no matter your location, can increase your sales and prevent late payments. If you are thinking of ways to take credit cards on the go, there are several wireless credit card teminal options.

Mobile Credit Card MachinesBest credit card processingCredit: Amazon

You can purchase a  mobile wireless credit card machine such as the Verifone VX 610 Wireless Credit Card Terminal. These machines come ready to use with a variety of wireless connections. Some of these machines connect to a nearby base, similar to a wireless home computer network. These types are often used in restaurants so the servers can take a card swiper directly to the customer at the table. To take payment cards out of range from a local network, you'll need to purchase one that connects to a cell phone network or a radio signal network. For example, the Mobilescape 300 connects through Sprints wireless network. These mobile credit card machines usually come with a small printer for receipts.

Cell Phone Apps

Download a credit card acceptance app to your smartphone. Several are available for most smartphones including the iPhone that allow you to manually type in the card information and process the payment through your regular cell phone service. Paynet Systems has applications for the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. The down side of a smartphone credit card application is that you cannot offer a paper receipt on the spot and must manually type in the credit card numbers.

Phone Credit CarPhone credit card processingCredit: Amazond Processing with Cellphones

You can purchase a mobile credit card swiper that connects to your cell phone such as the Mophie Marketplace Credit Card Ready for Intuit GoPayment for the iPhone. This allows you to swipe the card instead of manually typing in the numbers. Some come with a small printer for instant receipts. Depending on the system, the swiper may plug into your cell phone or use a wireless connection to your cell phone. You do not necessarily need a smartphone for these systems.

Phone Credit Card Processing: Landlines

The least expensive option for processing credit cards wirelessly is to simply make a call with your cell phone. With some accounts, this service itself is free, although you do have to pay the standard credit  processing fees for each transaction. You simply call the telephone credit card processing number provided by your service and follow the voice prompts to enter in the credit card information. The payment to you is instant. However, you can't offer a written receipt with this system. Usually a confirmation number is provided which you can give to your customer at the time of the sale.

Fees of Processing Credit Cards with Mobile Services

Shop around when looking for a wireless credit card system. Some apps and card swipe machines may be free. However, these come with monthly, or even per transaction, processing service fee. Make sure you read the fine print so that you understand all of the fees and costs associated with your credit card wireless machines and service to help you choose the best credit card processing that works for your business.