5 Tips for Taking a Job Assessment Test(49739)

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Job assessment tests, often referred to as pre-employment assessment tests or aptitude tests, have become common tools for employers when choosing the best candidate for a position. This type of testing generally assesses a person’s skills and abilities when dealing with others, as well as the person’s ability to cope with stressful situations. A job assessment test might also reveal how you would act behind closed doors. In other words, it could tell your prospective employer much about your ethics. 

1. Expect to take your job assessment test online. However, realize that companies often administer the test in written or oral form, as well as over-the-phone. 

2. Read each question multiple times. Often, one word in the question could throw you off. You might gain a clearer understanding of the question after reading the second or third time. Although not designed to trick you, the answers to your pre-employment test could reveal your ability to understand what you read and to follow directions.

Each question typically contains multiple-choice answers. Choose the answer that best answers the questions according to your perception. 

3. Be yourself when taking the job assessment test.  There is no sense in conjuring up answers based on what you think are the interviewer’s expectations. If you are hired, your true abilities and personality traits will come out eventually. 

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answers. The test results will reveal your personal thinking pattern and ability to work with others, as well as your problem-solving skills.     

4. Answer the questions that you understand first. If time is an issue, following this technique will help you answer as many questions as possible. 

5. Handle feedback constructively. Your reaction to your interviewer’s possible feedback could indicate whether you’re a good fit for the position. Employers gravitate to candidates who can accept correction and seek for ways for improvement and growth. 

In summary, you can do much to reduce the overwhelming feelings and stress associated with taking an aptitude test. If you remember to be yourself and answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability, you’ll likely turn your next job assessment test into a positive experience. 

 Tips and Warnings:

  • Staffing firms, HR personnel and third-party services administer aptitude tests.
  • Expect to take multiple and even numerous job assessment tests when applying for employment. For example, if you submit 10 employment applications, you might need to take five or more tests, as each hiring company might request an aptitude test.


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