Matcha Green Tea Powder

Make a Tea, Smoothie or Add to Yogurt

Matcha green tea powder has many health benefits to offer the body, especially when it comes to weight loss. The tea is generally more expensive than other green teas, but the benefits are well worth the extra price. Unlike most teas, which are steeped, matcha is in a powdered form and stirred into the liquid. Because of this, Matcha is superior to other green teas.

The matcha green tea powder can be stirred into a cup of warm water and enjoyed as a regular tea. A natural sweetener can be added, but it is great on its own once you get use to it.

Why is this tea so good for weight loss?

Extra weight is often gained as a result of other physical or emotional problems, and by addressing those issues, the weight can begin to come off. This is why matcha is so beneficial because it helps to promote an overall sense of wellness.

One major reason why so many are overweight and obese is because they are stressed. Any type of stress slows down the digestive system because the body will redirect its energy to the stressed area of the body, thus putting the digestive process on hold until the body and mind are relaxed again. Stress can also lead to overeating in order to numb the negative emotions. 

How to take it:

There are many ways to make matcha a part of your daily diet, such as in a tea, smoothie, in your yogurt, and in various raw food treats.

My favorite way to consume matcha is to blend it up with my favorite ingredients using a stick blender. It goes great in a smoothie with coconut flesh, coconut oil, nut milk, hot water, honey and ice. Here is the recipe:

1/2 to 1 tsp Matcha Tea Powder (depending on how strong you like it.)

1/2 tbsp. Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Almond Nut milk (or any other preferred milk)

1/2 -3/4 cup Hot Water

1 tsp. Honey (optional) I find it tastes great with or without the honey.

Ice (optional) I generally do not add ice, unless it is a hot day and I need something cool.

This is a great matcha latte to take in the morning because it is very effective at starting the cleansing process. You can expect a bowel movement very shortly after taking it. Another reason for taking matcha in the morning is that it helps to awaken and strengthen the mind.

 In order for the tea to be most effective, it is important that you refrain from consuming any foods that are high in empty calories, artificial ingredients or unhealthy fats.