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It is vital to learn how to take notes in lectures as this is the reference material that will be used to study the subject especially during exams. This means they have to be taken carefully to ensure that you get all the main points in the lecture. Some of the methods that can be used for taking notes include:

Recording the lecture

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This is one of the ways on how to take notes in the lecture especially when a person does not know how to write fast. This way, you will be able to listen back to the recorder alone to note down the most important points that will be used to grasp the contents of the lecturer to understand all the material that the lecturer was trying to pass across. It is however important to make sure the lecturer consents to this method on how to take notes to avoid getting into any trouble.

Using short hand language

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It is not possible to record everything that the lecturer says in class but you can use this method on how to take notes to get all the important points without missing anything. This however requires a person to be very attentive so that you can make a mental note of the things that need to be remembered in the class. You don’t have to write out the words in full as you can come up with short words that you can understand to remember what they meant if you decide to use this method on how to take notes.

Using computer applications

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There are some applications that come in handy when a person is looking for ways on how to take notes. MicrosoftOneNote is an example of such an application that helps on to make notes fast. It also helps to keep the notes safe for the rest of the academic period. It is convenient as a person is able to link the notes to existing documents like handouts. It also allows students to grab some information from the internet that can be used with the notes. A person can also use Simplenote and Evernote examples of we based note tools that come in handy for individuals who want to learn how to take notes.

Using mind maps

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These are some of the simplest and most effective ways on how to take notes. This involves using diagrams that represent a certain idea or word. These are normally used to classify structure, visualize and generate ideas that are used to aid a person when writing, making decisions, solving problems, organizing information and studying. They also help a person to distinguish the ideas or words with symbols and colors making it on one of the most common methods on how to take notes.


Be sure to use a method on how to take notes that you are comfortable with to read the notes with ease. Always go through the notes after writing them to correct mistakes and add any other information that is needed to understand the notes better.