No matter what the reason you have recieved a ticket - making an illegal turn, speeding, running a red light - taking traffic school online can be one the easiest options to avoid adding points to your driving record. The police write thousands of tickets everyday and likely at some point you will be at the wrong end of that ticket. However, it is now easier than ever to ensure that ticket won't increase your insurance payments by taking traffic school online from the comfort of your own home. Online traffic school courses tend to be the cheapest and easiest option for dismissing a ticket and avoiding insurance rate hikes.

Things You Will Need


ticket number

court information

Step 1

Every state offers different options, laws, requirments, and benefits for taking online traffic school when you recieve a ticket. In most states, you can take online traffic school once you recieve your ticket to avoid having the points on your record and therefore avoid insurance increases. In some states, taking traffic school is required for specific types of tickets. Anytime you are considering this option you should first check with your local court or DMV website to find out exactly what the options are for traffic school. Also be sure to find out what the requirements are for your state. Some states, like California, require an 8 hour traffic school course, while others like Texas, require different defensive driving courses for specific types of tickets. Almost all states will only allow you to take traffic school once a year with some as long as 18 months between courses and almost all have an online option which is great to avoid long in person courses that interrupt your life.

Step 2

Once you understand the laws in your state, you will then want to verify that online traffic school is actually a viable option for you. To do this, the easiest way is normally to contact the court and ask. The back of your ticket normally will have the court information and a simple phone call will help you understand your options and next steps. Be aware that in some states you can simply sign up and take traffic school, while in others you will first have to appear in court and ask for this option. Knowing exactly what you need to do will ensure you don't waste time and money signing up for an online traffic school that actually won't work for you.

Step 3

Now that you know you can use online traffic school to dismiss your ticket, you need to find the right school, and there are thousands. There are three main things you should consider when choosing a traffic school course. First, and most importantly, the provider has to be certified by the state as a registered and verfied provider. Be aware, many schools do not have this and that means your course will not count. Look on the actual websites or check with your DMV to be sure. The next two things to think about are cost and features. Prices for online traffic schools vary quite a bit as do their features. Look for a cheap option and find an online traffic school that matches your learning style - do you want videos, text, audio, games, etc. In my research, I have found that GoToTrafficSchool and TakeTrafficSchoolOnline tend to be the cheapest, are verified in most states, and have great features. the course in California can be as cheap as $10.

Step 4

Once you have chosen a school, you must register and normally complete traffic school within 60 days. To register, on most sites, you just need to choose the state and court, enter your personal information and ticket information, and then choose your options. Once you complete the course, they will send a certificate of completion to the DMV and your ticket will be dismissed. The two above online traffic school sites also offer expediated shipping at an extra cost.
There is no reason to pay for a ticket for years to come on your insurance. It is always smart to take online traffic school, from the comfort of your own home, and avoid the costs of both getting a ticket and attending an in person course.

Tips & Warnings

Always check to make sure the online traffic school is certified with your state - if it is not, it won't count!

Consider traffic school online to avoid the hassle of in person courses!

You can also take traffic school online without a ticket in many states to reduce your insurance costs!