3D photography is not a new idea, though it is becoming more and more popular these days.  This article will show you how to create a 3D image with a regualar digital camera.  You can view your 3D pictures without any special glasses, using the cross-eye focus technique, described below.

Things you need
A digital camera
A computer
Photo editing software like Paint.NET, GIMP or Photoshop.

Step 1
With your digital camera, take two pictures of your subject.  Take your first picture, and then move the camera slightly to the left, approximately the distance between your eyes, and take your second picture.  Your subject should be as still as possible, and the camera settings should be the same for each picture.

Tip: Rather than using your camera's LCD, use the view finder for each picture.  Take one picture with one eye, and one with the other.

Step 2
Copy both pictures to your computer.  Name the first picture LEFT, and the second picture RIGHT.  This may seem backwards, but this will really help us arrange our final picture.

Step 3
Open your pictures in your photo editor, and find out their demensions in pixels.  For example, my picture has a width of 3008 and a height of 2000.

Step 4
Create a new picture project in your photo editor and make the dimensions the same height, but double the width as your picture.  In the example above, the picture dimensions would be 6016x2000.

Step 5
Place the picture you took labelled LEFT on to the left side of the new image, and Place the picture you took labelled RIGHT on to the right side.  Make sure that there are no overlapping pixels and that all pixels are on the screen.

Step 6
Place a black square or circle on the bottom center of each image.  This needs to be exact, so you will need to use your math skills to find the center of each image.  In my example the two squares need to be placed at pixel width 1504 and 4512.  You can increase the size of your brush to 100 pixels and click on your mark to insert the square.

Step 7
Save the image.
3d Photography

Now that you have created your 3D image you can view it using the cross-eye focus technique.  Cross your eyes and focus just before the computer screen, until you see a black square in the center of the image.  Now focus on that and slowly look at the image that appears in the center.  Eventually, the picture in the center will be clear and have depth.