So you've got a nice Apple iPad and you love it! You've discovered that it's awesome as an e-reader for reading books, as a video player to see just about anything, to simply surf the web (can you feel your fingers surfing?), to play fun games and what not.

With all this great stuff to show off, you might feel the need to take a screenshot of your iPad screen and email it to your friends, or to your envious co-workers that have yet to get one for themselves. Good news: it's possible to make a screenshot on the iPad. It's even pretty easy, but you need to know the trick (as with so many things in life).

So here's a simple 4 step guide to making your screenshot on the iPad and how to find it again.

Things You Will Need

Apple iPad

Step 1

Apple iPad (18097)Make sure the screen of the iPad is on and actively showing the screen you want to make a screenshot of. In the example you see the home screen, but I bet you've got something a lot more exciting than this.

Step 2

What iPad Buttons to PushTo make the screenshot on the iPad, press both the home button (the round button below the screen) and the sleep/wake button (the button on top of the iPad) at the same time.

Step 3

iPad Screen Will Flash WhiteAfter a brief moment, release both buttons again. The screen of the iPad will flash white and will quickly fade back to the original picture. You've just made the screenshot on the iPad, and it has been saved instantly.

Step 4

Where to Find the Screenshot on the iPad (18100)To see your screenshot, go to the Photos-app. The screenshot will be stored in the regular photo-stream, waiting to be used.
Now you've got that screenshot, show off your stuff! Send it to friends or co-workers, or post a high-score on a forum, or show off your sketching skills on the iPad. Or use it to make a nice how-to guide on InfoBarrel, to show off your iPad skills!

Enjoy your iPad screenshots!

Tips & Warnings

Warning: You should only hold both buttons in Step 2 for a brief moment. If you hold them for a couple of seconds, the iPad will close down and restart itself.