There are moments when you feel the need to take a screenshot of your Apple iPhone screen. For instance when you found something remarkable on the internet and you're afraid you won't be able to find it anymore. Or in case you want to document an awkward typo you discovered on a site and think it may be corrected before you get to a pc to take a screenshot. Or even when you almost made a highscore on a difficult game and nobody will believe you if you just tell them (annoying, isn't it!).

Whatever your reason for making a screenshot on the iPhone, here's a simple 4 step guide to making your screenshot and finding it.

Things You Will Need

Apple iPhone (any version iPhone will do)

Step 1

The iPhoneMake sure the iPhone is active and showing the screen you want to make a screenshot of. In this case it's a boring overview of the icons, I bet you've got something more exciting to document though.

Step 2

What iPhone Buttons to PushTo make the screenshot on the iPhone, press both the home button (the round button below the screen) and the sleep/wake button (the button on top of the iPhone) at the same time.

Step 3

iPhone Screen Will Flash WhiteAfter a brief moment, release both buttons again. The screen of the iPhone will flash white and will quickly fade back to the original picture. The screenshot has been saved instantly on your iPhone.

Step 4

Where to Find the Screenshot on the iPhoneTo see your screenshot, go to the Photos-app. The screenshot will be stored in the regular photo-stream, waiting to be used.
After you've found the screenshot, you can now do with it what you want. Maybe load it into another app to play with it or sketch on top of it. Or maybe you want to upload it to your pc or mac, or send it to a friend by email (to show off your highscore!).

Or maybe you want to make a nice tutorial for an iPhone app, and publish it as a how-to article right here on InfoBarrel.

Tips & Warnings

Warning: You should only hold both buttons in Step 2 for a brief moment. If you hold them for a couple of seconds, the iPhone will close down and restart itself.