A staycation is the recession's answer to a vacation. Sure, travel is expensive and not even necessary. However, relaxation can help keep you from being burnt out and really make all of your work seem worth it. You can get the best of both worlds while still living within your budget constraints.

Take up a hobby. If you want to eat international cuisine but you can't afford to travel, then just try some new recipes. This is also perfect if you are having to work so much that you can't' even take vacation days. Make the time at home really turn into something worthwhile. If you do have vacation days you can really just use them to spend learning a new skill or brushing up on painting or creating music.

Work on your house. You might not be able to travel but you can turn your home into a getaway. This could be accomplished by buying a high thread count sheet set or just giving your room a relaxing touch with a new coat of paint. This allows you to get things done on your vacation time even if it does require a little bit of work. Plus, the end result will last a lot longer then a trip. You can always put in a picture of the Eiffel tower in there.

Explore your local area. You can do this simply and even allows you to "travel" with friends. Discover new restaurants, museums, concerts or film festivals that will give you all of the experience of travel with never having to leave.

Find ways to relax. You may dream of reading a book on the beach. You might not have the sand but you can probably locate the sun, a book and possibly a hammock even inexpensively. You could also recreate a spa like experience with just different bubble baths, lotions, and pedicure sets that you can find at the dollar store.

Realize what you are saving. If you do a little bit of math you can instantly rid yourself of a lot of heartache. Just figure out how many hours you'd have to work to pay for the vacation and it will probably lose a lot of its value. This is compounded more if you go into debt for it, or use a credit card for part of your travel.

Just like you wouldn't travel alone you can also make your staycation a time to get together with family and friends. Even if you don't have time off of work take time to connect with your friends and family. Maybe they'd like to join you for one of your new international cuisine meals. This is a way to keep spirits up even when money is low. You could even recreate the same feeling or a party theme around favorite travel destinations. Of course it won't be like really visiting Paris, but Paris isn't really like your fake version either.

Spend your time wisely. Otherwise you'll just end up on a long weekend and it won't really feel like a vacation. Instead you'll just waste away on your sofa. If you are going to relax find ways to make it both special and deliberate so you can enjoy your staycation.