Guys, do you need to know how to talk to a girl? Whether you notice a girl for the first time, or if you've been admiring her from afar, there is a certain art to learning how to talk to a girl that you want to approach. I'll explain it from my perspective, having been a girl all my life, ha ha. I know what makes me feel comfortable, so let me explain what to do when meeting women.

Visualize yourself speaking in a confident, friendly way. Athletes do this before a game. They imagine exactly what they will do before they do it. Open yourself up to the possibility that everything will go right. Imagine you saying, "hi," and that the girl you're interested in smiles at you. Imagine that you strike up a conversation and she makes eye contact with you and looks interested in what you're saying. This will give you confidence when meeting women.

Be friendly. Being OVERLY confident is not attractive to most women. When you are meeting women you want to make sure you start a conversation about a topic about something she has a chance of participating in, not listening to. If you just talk about yourself, she may politely nod, but there's less opportunity for give and take. If you talk only about her, she either already knows or she's going do disagree with you. Instead, talk about something you think you've both experienced. If you're at a bar, talk about the drinks. If you're at a club, talk about the music. If you're at the library, talk about a book. This makes a girl think, "Ooh, this guy has a common interest with me," so she'll be apt to want to get to know more about you to see where this is could be headed.

Get to know each other. AFTER step 2, if this girl is acting interested in the conversation, there will be a natural progression into learning about each other. You can take the lead on this, but watch for her reaction (you don't want her to feel like she's being interrogated). Ask her something about herself, and see if she asks a reciprocal question, such as, "And how about you?" At this point, you are looking to repeat step 2 again. Hopefully this will lead to a topic that you can relate to, like "you're from Springfield? My mom grew up there! Did you ever visit..." Remember, when meeting women, try working on topics of conversation instead of a series of questions, a girl will walk away thinking "wow, what a nice talk I just had with that guy. I'd like to get to know him better."

Remember these steps even beyond the initial phase of trying to meet women. This is how girls like to talk most of the time. Sure, when you're in a relationship there will be times that break the rules, if one of you has a hard day then the other needs to just be a listener. Or if you have a disagreement, it's about solving a problem. But those 2 instances are different forms of communication from just how to talk to a girl casually to build interest. Good luck!
Tips & Warnings
•    If you're "dying" by step 2, then guess what? This is just not the girl for you. That's okay! There's a lid for every pot, turn around and keep looking for yours.