This is a humorous attempt to guide you through the process of using the "speak" button of your Toyota Prius. My hopes are that it will help you shave off months of figuring this out!

Walk into any Toyota Dealership and Salespersons will come up to greet you and gladly show you the inner workings of any Toyota Prius you'd like.

While sitting in the driver's seat of a Toyota Prius, the salesperson rattles on and on about the amazing features of the the wonderful Hybrid Toyota Prius. Somewhere between the leather bucket seats and the GPS system, you begin to lose control of all these wonderful gadgets of the Toyota Prius Hybrid.

One feature that is kind of interesting is the ability to "talk" to your Toyota and have it get the answers for you. You can ask for "Italian Restaurants" and it will direct you to your choices for the area you are in.

All is well and you excitedly buy your Hybrid Toyota, get it home and drive...You remember about the ability to talk to your car, so you say "Toyota Dealership", waiting patiently for all the car dealerships to show up on the navigation system.

Nothing happens. You scan the manual on how to talk to your Prius and you can't make heads or tails of the huge How-to manual they've sent home with you and your new car.

Here's how to talk to your car:

Things You Will Need

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Step 1

Navigation Console Looking at your Navigation Console, you see on the right side a button that says "Map/ Voice". You can press this as many times as you'd like and nothing will happen except the map screen will light up showing you where you are.

Step 2

Overhead Toyota Console Looking up, you see the small speakers for voice and you press every possible button up there. Your interior lights come on.

Step 3

Toyota Prius, steering wheel After months of driving, you finally look at your steering wheel and realize you've only been using a third of all the buttons there. You scan the rest of the buttons on the steering wheel to see what they are.

Step 4

speak button on Toyota Prius After months, or years in my case, you see this button...

Step 5

Press that button and immediately say "Toyota Dealership" and voice will tell you, "That response has not been programmed."

Press again and immediately say, "Italian restaurant" and the voice will say, "That response has not been programmed."

Disgusted, press the button and say "Bite me" and the voice will say, "That response is available. Please check your screen."

Raise your eyebrows and wonder what the car's response to "Bite me" is as you look at the navigation screen in dread...

Step 6

Your Toyota has just turned the heat on and set it to 82 degrees.

Now you wonder whether the car heard you and is getting it's revenge, or whether you did something wrong.

Step 7

Do the 'bite me' thing again and notice that there is a small beep after pressing the 'speak' button.

This time, press speak button, wait until the beep, then ask for Toyota Dealerships.

Your GPS map lights up and shows you all the available Toyota Dealerships in your town.

Step 8

Turn the heater back down and smile because you've FINALLY got this problem licked! Enjoy your new Hybrid Toyota Prius!

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