Cowlicks are those annoying spots of hair on the scalp that are unruly and have a difficult time laying down. Cowlicks are caused by a spiral growth pattern of hair most commonly at the crown of the head or the front hairline. While some people don't suffer from them, others were born with one or even two. Some rare individuals will develop cowlicks after temporary hair loss, e.g., illness, medications and chemo. Taming cowlicks are a dilemma that requires diligence and patience. Aside from tackling the wild beast, the alternatives are permanent, expensive and dangerous; electrolysis, plastic surgery, etc..

Hairstyles for Hiding a Cowlick

Cowlick Haircuts

Whether you’re a man or woman, the best way to tackle a cowlick is picking a hairstyle that works to hide your problem. While each individual should consult his/her stylist for the best selection, these hairstyles are said to be best in general:

Crown Cowlicks:
Women: As the hair grows longer, a crown cowlick make the hair appear flatter. For these reason, women should go more with short and medium cuts that are "messy". Getting a wave perm could also help hide the problem.

Men: For men, treating a crown cowlick with a hairstyle can be tricky. The two best options are 1) Picking a very short hairstyle 2) Allowing the hair to grow longer hoping the hair will be held down by the weight.
Tell your barber/stylist to cut your hair in a part to work with the cowlick, rather than against it.

Both: Layered haircuts might provide an alternative if your stylist can blend the hair to lay naturally.

Front Cowlick:

Women: Women should avoid haircuts that have bangs with this type of cowlick. If you do want bangs, consider longer styles  or side bangs. A bob is a great haircut for this problem.

Men: With the new fromohawk hair cuts, men can get away with a front cowlick better than before, but for the man who isn't into messy or spiked cuts, he might consider a crew cut. A buzz cut can't elimiante the problem, but it lacks something for style. Another option would be to wear a longer hairstyle weighing the cowlick down.

Neckline Cowlicks:

Women: Longer styled hair will cut this problem out all together by covering and weighing down the cowlick. However, if you want a short style, it is possible to get a really short haircut and shave the neckline. This style will take more trimmings, but one great advantage is the ability to slope it to the front. This will give you the ability to have a medium length style in front and short in the back.

Men: Men can simply go longer or shorter than the cowlick on the neckline. Just be sure to trim a short haircut often.

Both: Your stylist might be able to give you a tapered neckline to eliminate the problem.

Tame the cowlick with styling products.

With the right styling products, a cowlick can usually be tamed. Thanks to the spiked/messy hair movement, there is a great variety of super-duper sculpting products. Pomade is great for adding weight and hold to problem hair. You can also use a high quality flat-iron to tame the hair down, or in the right direction.

Flat Iron for Cowlicks

Wash or wet your hair and apply some styling gel or wax. Blow dry your hair, using a brush to hold the cowlick in the direction it needs to go in. Then use a flat-iron on the hair by sliding it in the directing you want the hair to lay in. There are very narrow flat irons available that would work on shorter, men's haircuts. Chi flat irons are very powerful, but use them properly to avoid damaging the hair.

How do I hide my front cowlick? I've let my bangs grow out and I clip them back with a nice hairpin. This works best for me and is easy. Although, I can't say it would work for men.