This is one business that won’t cost you a lot of money to set up. You don’t need a big budget to manage your own art school. Your biggest expense will be the advertising to draw people in to your classes. You can try to use the classifieds on the internet such as gumtree or craiglists, or you can put an advert in your local newspaper.

Another option is to put adverts up in your local libraries and shops where you know the owner well. There could be someone that has a business and is prepared to display your business cards.

Setting up your art studio

First of all, you will need a large enough space to work, which can be converted into an art studio depending on how many students you are prepared to take on. Some people use their garage and add extra lighting and some people make use of an extra room in their house.

You could do private lessons and charge more or have lessons of up to 6 people. It’s not a great idea to have your classes too big because then people don’t get enough attention and it could become cramped for space.

You will also need some other important equipment such as easels if you are going to teach drawing or painting classes. You should provide a decent palette and then tell the students they will have to purchase their own paints and pencils. Providing this equipment is a once off so the initial outlay is a little higher for your first class. Different equipment is obviously needed if your field is art DIY. So you will have to see what suits the studio the best.

Lighting is another important factor, especially if you are having evening classes. Having spotlights, which you can dim and will be to your advantage. You will also have to have a look at the outside lighting and if it is too bright make sure you have blinds that block out the sunlight.


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Art ideas and what to teach

There are different niches that you can go into. Having a painting class just for women is quite popular now. You could have kids art classes. This way parents can see that their child has potential from a young age. Teaching 2nd grade art has become very popular and it is a good age to start learning the basics. There are also different styles, techniques and mediums such as people who just want to focus on oil painting , drawing skills or watercolors.

There are also many other forms of art and crafts that are available like pottery, mosaics and silk screen printing just to name a few. Art DIY is very popular now. Of Course, you will need more space for these forms of art, but it can be a lot of fun. People may be interested in a sculpture class, stained glass classes or even art foam which is something different altogether and is usually associated with props for film sets and on the stage.

Have a curriculum

It is extremely important to have a teaching lesson plan that describes what you will be doing throughout the course. Being organized in your business and teaching is the key. Students would like to know what they are doing the next time they come and especially for you it is important that you plan ahead so you won’t constantly be thinking about the next lesson. You may decide that your classes will be more relaxed or that they will be structured, but students should be learning something new every time otherwise they may as well be painting at home.

Take the students outside

It is great to learn to draw a still life, but it’s also important to learn different aspects of art, such as nature and a taste of landscape painting. This is especially important for the younger artist. It’s not wrong to draw something from a photograph. Having a model for a session can be a good idea to add some variety to the course. You could have a little background music going as the students are doing their art work to add to the mood.

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Keep Inspired - Take a Sculpture Class

Keeping up with the industry is vital. Painting and being creative yourself is just as important as giving lessons, otherwise this just becomes a job which you may not look forward to. Find time for yourself to express yourself in different ways by using various mediums.

This is just one example:

A sculpture class is not the first thing that comes into our mind when we are thinking of an art class. Usually it is associated with painting or drawing and from there it will branch off into oil painting or watercolours. 

Pottery classes are a more popular form of sculpting which has been around for a long time, but sculpting is definitely more specialized and people are always looking for something different to do and to learn about.

There are many different forms of sculpting and classes could specialize in one particular area, but it is likely that a course will take you through the whole scope and you will learn all there is to know.

Here are a few areas that you could branch off into:

Metal Sculpting

This will take a little longer because it involves everything you need to know about the construction and also the brazing and forging. You won’t need any equipment because they will provide everything.

Bronze Casting

Bronze casting goes back a long time. It involves the process of working with a wax mould and ceramics . You will follow your instructor so you won’t get lost. The materials will all be provided.

Terra Cotta Sculpture

This is also a nice place to start. You will probably be working with figures and your instructor would guide you as to how to go about proportions with the anatomy of the figure.

 There are also much shorter courses around, which can run from 3 days to a week. You would come in everyday and this would be on one specific topic such as metal sculpting. A course could also be a month long and you could come in the evenings.

 There are classes that are run in different locations right throughout the year.  I saw a sculpting class that you could do online, using dvds, which is great but I would think a class would give you more interaction.

You learn the same amount at an online course, but being part of a class which involves practical work like sculpting will give you the opportunity to have a look at everyone’s  models. Being able to pick up and feel the different textures is something you can’t do from watching a dvd or from an online sculpting class.

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