This is a fun activity for kids 4-6 years of age as a first introduction to the computer keyboard. I call this lesson: "What's the Buzz about Bees?" The objective here is to illustrate that if you hold a key down it will repeat, typing the letter over and over until it is released.

"You can't poke your teacher, you can't poke your dog, you can't poke your friends, but you can and should always poke your keys!!"

Things You Will Need

  • A computer
  • A Word processing application
  • Step 1

    I normally go over all of the non-letter keys that with the student(s) before I have them turn their monitors on. They will be using [Enter] and [Backspace] keys for this lesson. Have them touch the keys individual without pushing them. Make it fun!! Like "Simon Says - Touch the Enter Key, Now Touch the Backspace Key." Do it a couple of times.

    Step 2

    Double-click on the icon for Microsoft Word (the blue "W"). I would suggest putting a shortcut for Microsoft Word on your Desktop, especially for younger students.

    Step 3

    Type your name and hit [Enter].

    Step 4

    Here is where the fun begins. Have the student(s) poke the [B] key. Then again, then have them press it and hold for about 30 seconds to a minute. Tell them not to take their finger off the key. While they are holding the key down I like to get them buzzing like a bunch of bees. The "rule based" kids will tend to want to take their finger off the key. It does seem like they're breaking a rule.

    Step 5

    OK, enough already. Take your finger off the key. By now their name should not be visible at the top of the page. You could introduce the vertical scroll bar at this point or just have them hold and poke the [Backspace] key until they see their name. The objective is to erase all of the [B]s without erasing their name. Let them know that holding the [Backspace] key makes it go "super fast" but they may want to just poke the key when they see their name so they don't erase it.

    Step 6

    Do it again!

    This lesson should take about 30 minutes. Just remember to have fun with it!

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