Basic street safety

Street safety measures form an important part in our day-to-day lives. It is the duty of parents and teachers to make children aware of these. Children do not have skills like adults to judge noise, speed and distance in heavy traffic. Therefore, it is essential for you to tell children about basic street safety to protect them from accident on street. 

Explain everything to children so that they can pay attention from their early age. This is important because children should be careful whole crossing roads. If you care for your kids, you should talk to them personally and tell them about basic street safety. If they have any doubts, you should clarify them instantly step by step. In this article, you can read few important points to teach your children about basic street safety. 

Talk politely to children: First of all, you need to talk to your children politely. They cannot understand everything like adults. Never show your anger, if they do not understand any point. You can see the difference when you talk to them in polite manner. By doing this, they will understand you in much better way and pay attention to your words. 

Importance of careful walk on streets: Tell your children why they need to pay attention while walking on street. What can happen if they run carelessly on street? Give them proper reasons why they need to pay attention. Explain them that never talk to each other while crossing the road and if there is any adult near to you then hold his or her hand. Generally, most of the children run casually on streets and without noticing the vehicles. And they meet with accidents. Tell them not to listen to music on roads.

Teach basics rules on street: Whenever they cross the road, they should first look left side and then right side and see whether any vehicle is coming. Wait till the time, the road becomes empty and then cross it gently. Show them the signboards about street rules to teach them basic rules. Pictures are given on them through which you can easily explain all the rules and regulations to your child. On street, you can see few colorful signs to represent traffic rules. Tell them the meaning of these colors and signs. Your children can take care of them only when they are aware of the street rules. 

Children need to be alert: Each time children step to the road, they should become extra careful. They should listen to the sounds from motor horn. Drivers should also give indications from the headlight of their vehicle. Explain the meaning of different light indications. They should observe the speedy motors and maintain a safe distance from them. Train your children on viewing and hearing skills. Give an imaginary situation to them and ask questions. See their reaction on different situations. This way you can understand their mindset about what they can do in certain point of time. After understanding your children, you can teach them in much better way. Once they are well-trained, you can observe difference in their aspects toward street safety.  

Teach them to make an eye contact: If they make an eye contact with drivers, you can estimate what the driver is looking to do. If someone is driving too fast, they can tell them from their eyes or hand expression to drive slowly so that they can cross the road without any hassle. 

Look for Jaywalk: The term ‘Jaywalk’ means that the streetlight is red. Teach them to always cross the road when the light is red. At that time all the vehicles on road stop and they can easily cross the road without any trouble. Tell them to see a pedestrian (sign of a person walking on foot) to cross the road. 

 Make your children aware of dangers: Teach them not to cross the road between vehicles. Children are not able to clarify the risk involved in road crossing. So, it’s better to stay away from these types of risks. Look for Sidewalk: Tell them to always walk on sidewalk which is beside the street. By doing this, they can prevent themselves from uncertain risks. Also, tell them never walk on the wrong side of road. If children walk on wrong side, they will not be able to see fast driving vehicles.