Teaching a teenager boy to be responsible is one of the most important, yet challenging jobs for a parent. Teenagers by their natural state, look for the path of least resistance and this often means avoiding responsibility. It is critical that parents find a way to put their teenage boys on the right path

Things You Will Need

Lots of understanding and a firm hand.

Step 1

Begin by a mapping out a plan. It is very important for parents to figure out the things that any teenager needs to learn. Tossing too much on them will only lead to frustration for both parent and teenager.

Step 2

Make it clear what is expected of the teenager and do not veer from that path. This way the playing field is not changing constantly and the teenager will quickly learn what they can and cannot do.

Step 3

Do not bribe the teenager by offering prizes for becoming responsible. It is okay to reward them from time to time and always okay to offer verbal praise. However, do not give them grand prizes for doing basic, simple jobs. By doing this the message soon becomes that they will get a reward for everything, which is a bad life lesson

Step 4

Continually point out the benefits of being responsible. Show the teenager what the benefits are and make sure they see this. After awhile they will learn this lesson and become a responsible member of society Teenagers are stuck between becoming independent and needing guidance. It is up to the parents to find the balance.

Tips & Warnings

Try to remain calm when at all possible.