Teaching your chid to read can be a richly rewarding experience. And your child has a big advantage if you teach them to read prior to their first year at school. Here is how to teach your child to read.

Things You Will Need

Index cards and Magazines or PreMade Vocabulary Cards

Step 1

Write the name of a few words on index cards. One index card per word. Use simple words such as cat or dog. On the back of each card paste a picture from a magazine of what the word is. So if you have the word clock, paste a picture of a clock.

Step 2

Say the name of the word to the child. Then show them the picture. Show the card to the child again, with the word and have them say the word. If they have difficulty recognizing the word show them the picture. Practice daily so your child recognizes a number of object words.

Step 3

Keep in mind that little words such as a, the, and etc. will have to be memorized. Write each of these on an index card. One word per card. Say the word and put the card before an object word card. So you may have "the" and "cat" . Put one before the other on a flat surface and have your child read these words.

Step 4

Make dfferent sentences with your word cards and continue to add to them. Keep practising this skill.

Teaching your child to read should be a joyful experience. If your child becomes frustrated stop what you are doing and resume at another time.

Tips & Warnings

You can purchase premade word cards at a toy store or learning center.

If you make your own cards, be sure that when you hold up the card the picture on the other side is not visible.