Of the many milestones your child will encounter as they grow up, riding a bike can be one of the most fun things you teach them as well as one of the most frustrating.  Some kids seem to learn quickly and are naturals while others struggle and seem like they are never going to figure it out.

The biggest problems most parents have is not with the child but rather they are not patient enough.  Riding a bike is almost as natural to us as walking.  We forget that they are learning a completely new skill requiring balance and coordination.  So the first thing to do is realize it is not going to happen overnight.

I often times see parents trying to teach their child to ride on the front lawn.  The reasoning is that if they fall it will be a softer landing than it would be on concrete.  While this may be true, I think this is a mistake.  One of the hardest things to learn for the child is the balance required to keep the bike going straight.  This is much harder on grass which is often times bumpy and uneven.

It is better to let them learn on the sidewalk or road where the surface is flat and they can feel the need to balance the bike easier.  To compensate the danger of the concrete it is best to let them learn with the parent running along side them holding the back of the bike or the seat.  This will allow you to be there if they start to fall and catch them while at the same time letting them get the feel of the balance they will need to keep the bike up.

The Secret Tip

There is however a secret trick to help your child learn faster.  In order to help them learn to balance the bike, lower the seat and remove the pedals.  Then let them push themselves around using their two legs.  This way they can push off and feel how the bike should feel while at the same time having the safety and comfort of being able to put their feet down.

The best way to do this is to have them push themselves back and forth in the driveway as it often times has a small decline and this will help them go a little faster.

Try this on your next attempt to teach them to ride a bike and you will be surprised with the results.