There are some people who are really good in detecting individuals who are telling a lie and most of them are keen observers with intellectual quickness and acuity. They can even detect people who are lying just by their body movements. These type of people truly have a very good insight and awareness.



things you'll need:

  • Good insight and awareness
  • Intellectual quickness and acuity
    • 1

      Observe well if an individual is deceptive because he/she tends to touch the base of his/her nose many times or his/her mouth when being asked even a simple question.

    • 2

      Listen how a human being who is deceitful by the way he or she answers questions because he/she will likely over-emphasizes any topic or detail. Any individual who is telling a lie wants to put together very simple actions and avoid details as much as possible. This person will try to avoid telling the truth by picking some obscure points and talk about it a lot instead of focusing on the key topic or issue.

    • 3

      Hear and pay attention of this individual whom you think is deceitful because anyone who tells a lie often repeats the question you ask since he or she is only thinking of how to protect and defend himself/herself therefore he or she can even forget the questions being asked.

    • 4

      Study closely when somebody is not telling the truth because anyone who is a liar will give too little eye contact. Liars shall avoid eye contact as much as possible and they tend to look down more often as well as gaze to other objects. When someone starts to stare you down, he or she may be working so hard at making more lies to tell you.

    • 5

      Be aware how the speech pattern changes because when somebody is telling a lie, he or she might mumble, nervously mispronounce some words and take longer pauses between each answer compared to someone who is telling the truth. Usually this will happen because when a human being is telling a lie, he/she is not sure how to continue with the fabrication, how to go through with it or how to end it all.

    • 6

      Notice how uncomfortable a liar's hands because those will grab and play anything, mostly small objects in their possession like cellphones or car keys. This is a subconscious way of attempting to protect and block themselves to relieve the tension of deception.

    • 7

      Observe when a person is lying because he/she tries to pull his/her lips into a small rounded shape and breathe heavily. Liars usually can't get enough oxygen due to the nervousness and tension that their feeling so they tend to breathe through the mouth instead through the nose.

    • 8

      Prepare yourself to receive some dry humor or sarcasm from a person who is dishonest because he/she intentionally does this kind of trick to avoid a particular subject. They will also answer questions that were not asked because their minds are busy protecting themselves to cover up the deception that they had built.

    • 9

      Look how liars hide their hands. An individual who is deceptive often tries to hide the palms of his/her hands because of fear that it may tremble in front of another human being. Hands that are hidden in the pockets or behind the back are positive indicators of someone who has a hidden agenda.

Tips & Warnings

  • Oftentimes, you can really tell if someone is lying by just studying closely if the sad or happy emotions that he/she is showing is true since emotions of happiness or sadness is very hard to fake.

  • A person who tells a lie feels guilty so he/she could express anger to hide their anxiety. Liars are also afraid of being caught so they might end up buying any weapon in order to protect themselves so try to be careful when interviewing a potential liar. It is also safe to ask them nicely so that they will not get so angry nor upset by the time that you're done asking some of the pertinent questions that you needed to ask.