Does Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

You're not a couple anymore. So why is your ex showing a sudden interest in you? Why does he seem more interested in spending time with you? After all, you're not together anymore. Why is he flirting with you now, when he barely paid any attention to you when you were together? While this is what you may want from him, before you jump into the deep end of the "love" pool feet first, think about it. Ask yourself "does my ex boyfriend want to get back with me or is this just wishful thinking"?

All of the signs are common in someone wanting to rekindle a romance and get you back in their lives. But it's also the sign of someone who wants someone for a little fun. So playing hard to get will be to your advantage. Not only will he respond to your resistance if he's interested, if he's just playing games, this will probably turn him off. Remember if you leap into the arms of your ex right after he shows a little interest, you'll usually find that he'll start backing away. Usually it's your playing hard to get, ignoring him and moving on with your life that renewed his interest in the first place. By continuing to put yourself first it will keep him interested long enough for you to get back together.

When you break up with someone you care about, there is a grieving period, whether you're the dumper or the dumped. You'll miss each other and want to be together, if real feelings existed between the two of you. The longer you were together, the stronger those feelings can be. You've shared your memories, hopes and dreams with him and you've developed an emotional attachment. This is why you want your ex to want you back as much as you want him back. If you're wondering "does my ex want to get back with me", you want him to be wondering the same thing for the same reasons.

That's why you need to be careful. You ex may show an interest in you following your breakup because he can't find anyone else. It can all be a game. He knows how much you want him back and wants to use your emotions against you. He may just want the attention, with no strings attached. So, you need to decide if he's genuinely interested in you. You don't want to be the benchwarmer, someone to pass the time with until he gets the woman he really wants. You also don't want to be a pawn in some revenge he has planned if he was dumped or for some perceived wrong. That's why you need to wait, play hard to get, continue on with your life and focus on seeing the situation and your ex for what they really are before you make a decision.

While your asking "does my ex want to get back with me?", you also need to ask "do I want my ex back?". This is a situation many women find themselves in. The truth is you don't know until the situation presents itself. In reality, if your ex wants you back, you need to remember to put yourself and your feelings first and playing hard to get is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from being hurt while allowing you the time you need to decide what's best for you.