Your vehicles wiper blades are not meant to last forever; they have a lifetime expectancy of about six to 12 months. You can find wiper blades for your vehicle from sites like Auto Barn and Auto Parts 123 that are designed for your make and model of vehicle and are very affordable. If you are unsure about when to replace your wiper blades or need to know what signs to look for, take a look below for some helpful tips.

Test Your Wipers

The best way to tell if you need new blades for your windshield wipers is to check them. You can use the sprayer that is built into your cars wiper system and add solution to the windshield. When you turn your wipers on if they are smearing, smudging or streaking the glass, you will most likely want them replaced before the next rain. Your visibility can be dramatically diminished if using poor wiper blades in bad weather conditions. It is never a good idea to wait on the replacement of the blades. If you are caught on the road in sleet, snow, rain or other environmental factors with wipers that are not working properly, you are at a higher risk for accidents.

Check the Rubber

The rubber on the blades can age quickly due to environmental factors such as severe weather, sun and even wear and tear. Halogen hardened rubbers and synthetic ones are made to withstand harsh conditions and heavy usage better than natural ones, but they also have a lifespan that is no longer than 12 months. Over time the rubber can have parked rubber marks that will actually cause the blades to not glide across the glass. The sun bakes the rubber when the car is parked in the hot sun and hardens it to the point that when it is turned on, it no longer offers the flexibility needed to grip and glide to clean the windshield properly. Cold weather can create cracks and splits in the rubber that will minimize the wipers' ability to clean the windshield properly.

Wiper Arms and Holders

The effectiveness of the wipers are dependent on the arms and holders as well as the rubber blades. You need to check for tension on the wiper arms to ensure that the springs are tight. If the springs are weak and the arms are not offering the right amount of tension, the wipers will not be pressed upon the glass and you will notice that the blades, even if recently changed, are unable to do their job.

Back Wipers

If your vehicle is equipped with back wipers, you should make sure you do the same tests for them. Check the blades as well as the arm tension and holders to ensure that the wipers are able to do their job effectively. The lifespan for the back wipers are the same as for the front. Even though you don’t use them as much, they are still in direct contact with all the same environmental factors.