Over time Leprechauns and Clurichauns have been confused and blurred together into one being. They are two different creatures and it's important to know the difference. It's especially important during a recession. With a Leprechaun you will make money and with a Clurichaun you will lose money. There are easy ways to tell the difference.

 Things You Will Need

Quick Mind

Good Eyesight



ClurichaunCredit: morgueFile.com by: Haymish


Observe Physical Appearance

Leprechauns and Clurichauns are both short and bulky with mischievous eyes. They both have faces that look like shrivelled apples. Only the Clurichaun has a pink tinge surrounding his nose and on the tip of his nose.

There are no female Leprechauns or Clurichauns and neither creature will tell you why!


Evaluate Attire

Leprechauns dress in drab gray coats, red hats and stockings, silver buckled shoes and wear a multi-pocketed leather apron at all times. They may also dress all in old fashioned green.

Clurichauns are much better dressed. They look like gentlemen of leisure. Their coats are brightly colored, they have gold laces in their caps, large silver buckles on their shoes, light blue stockings and never wear an apron.


Determine Personality

Leprechauns are dour little creatures with no patience for merriment or frivolity. They are solitary, not even enjoying the company of other Leprechauns. They will respond generously, on occasion, to acts of kindness.

Clurichauns are pleasure seekers at all times. They are cheerful merry-makers.


Evaluate Work Ethic

Leprechauns are cobblers, bankers to the faeries and guardians of great treasure. They are always at work and even when very drunk, their hand never wavers while making shoes.

Clurichauns never work and have no idea where any treasure is. They charm, steal and borrow. They make merry and create mayhem. They harness animals and run them ragged through the countryside.

Observe Habits

Leprechauns never drink anything but beer. They smoke foul smelling clay pipes and have an even fouler mouth to go with it. You can tell you have a Leprechaun if you offer wine and whiskey and he will drink neither one. Offer beer. He will only take beer. They guzzle beer.

Clurichauns will drink all the booze in the house. They don't care what kind it is. They will eat every bit of food in the house. They do not smoke a pipe.

Understand Financial Implications

Leprechauns will bring you riches if you can catch one and keep him until he hands over the treasure. If you catch one, never take your eyes off of him, even for a split second, and never let go of them. They will try to trick you by handing you a coin and slipping out of your hand while you study it. They will sacrifice the coin to get away because they have a magic purse that replenishes the coin every time one is lost or spent. A Leprechaun can't break a promise. So, when getting him to promise to tell you were the treasure is, you have to be very, very, very specific in all details. They will try to find a loophole or an out and are very accomplished at finding one! If you are very careful and wise you will come into a great treasure.

Clurichauns will not earn you riches, they will rob you blind. They will eat all of your food, drink all of your drink and steal your animals.

Know the differences between a Leprechaun and a Clurichaun, especially in these tough economical times!