How to Tell if Someone Likes You in 10 Seconds or Less

Sometimes when we meet people we like, it’s hard to tell if they are interested back.  It’s tough enough thinking of what to say and how to appear charming and witty yourself!  Most of us aren’t mind readers, and it takes a lot of courage to directly ask if the other person is interested.  Luckily, there are a number of signs we naturally do with our bodies when talking to someone we like.  Next time you’re talking to someone you are interested in, check your own body with this list.  Chances are you’re doing at least one or two of these signs without even realizing it.  If you’re not sure of their feelings but they’re doing a few of things in return to you, chances are they are interested too!

  1. Their feet and/or torso will point towards you.  We will subconsciously tend to point our feet towards whatever interests us most at the moment, even if we’re trying to pretend we’re not interested.  The next time you’re observing two people you know are into each other, watch their feet.  There is a good chance one or both feet will be pointed towards the other person.
  1. Their body language will mirror your own.  This is another subconscious gesture that humans will do in conversation with someone they are interested in.  If you are both at dinner and you are leaning with your chin resting on one hand and the other arm resting on the table, your date might strike a similar pose.  Or watch two people who are close to each other; when they are together often the will have similar stances or postures when they are talking to each other.  In fact, this tactic is often recommended in job interviews, because it is a subconscious way of establishing a connection with whomever you are talking to.  If your date is sitting with their legs crossed at the ankles, try doing the same.  Just keep it subtle and time it right so they don’t ask you why you’re copying their every move!
  1. Their pupils will be dilated.  When we something that makes us happy or excited, or pupils expand.  This is not something you can control.  Obviously in a dark room this will be hard to tell, but if you do happen to notice this, it’s a very genuine sign.
  1. The raise their eyebrows when they see you.  When we see something that pleases or excites us, we also do a quick raise of our eyebrows.  Our eyes open up in general and our brows lift in response; we are attentive and alert.
  1. Their body language is generally open and inviting.  A person who is genuinely interested in you will have an open body posture, arms and legs uncrossed, relaxed mouth and eyes, and generally a smile on their face.  Their body will be upright and leaning towards you.
  1. Or, their arms or legs are crossed towards you.  If they do have arms or legs crossed, it’s not the end of the world.  Maybe they’re just cold, or just naturally sit that way.  There is a good chance, however, that the way their limbs are crossed will be towards you instead of against you.  This is a way of trying to get physically closer to you.
  1. They start “preening.”  When we are interested in someone we will often start adjusting our clothes, touching our face, or playing with our hair.  Think of a guy who runs his hand through his hair while he talks or a girl who plays or twists her hair around her fingers. 
  1. They are generally leaning towards you.  This could literally be the entire body, or maybe just a tilt or incline of their head when talking towards you.  Their attention is directed towards what they want more of!

Now of course, just because they happen to be standing the same way as you or have one leg crossed in your direction doesn’t absolutely mean that they’re enthralled.  It’s best to try and check for as many of these signals as possible, with a minimum or three being the best indication.  Use your gut feeling and personal judgment as well of course.